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Interviews |  24 Mar 2022 13:03 |  By Namrata Kale

Director Mihir Gulati describes working on a challenging shot with Jacqueline Fernandes for song 'Mud Mud Ke'

Mumbai : Indian Music Director Mihir Gulati has worked on many superhit music videos which include songs like Saiyaan ji, Kaanta Laga, Billo Tu Aag, amongst others. His recently directed music video is with Jacqueline Fernandes and Michele Morrone starrer track 'Mud Mud Ke' which released on 12th February. The track is sung by Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar.

To get more details about the track we got in a candid conversation with him. Check interview below.

How is the response you are getting for Mud Mud Ke so far?

The response which we are receiving is overwhelming. It’s always so satisfying when people appreciate the hard work that goes into making a video of this level. People are absolutely loving the visual. We’re getting a lot of messages and calls from the industry professionals.

Q. We have heard that you have taught a few Punjabi words to Michelle (starrer in the music video), tell us something on that and the overall experience of working with him?

Michele is a true genius and super professional at work. Me and my team were really excited to meet and work with him. He made us all very comfortable around him as he was very friendly and he was having fun during shoot. He was very dedicated and understand the whole scenario and performed accordingly. He understood my vision with no time and gave more than his 100 percent. I’m really blessed to work with an artist of that stature. I also taught him 2-3 Punjabi words, and we addressed him as “Mik Phaaji” (Mik brother). He ended up calling us “phaaji” after the shoot.

Q. Jacqueline is a great dancer, but there is also a car chase scene in the track. How did you manage to capture that challenging shot?

No doubt, Jacqueline is a marvelous dancer, you’ve seen that video too. Talking about the car chase scene, we landed in Dubai just 2 days before the shoot and we had many challenges in all the departments. From scouting locations to manage such a huge crew to finalize the cast and also planning creatives according to the fresh locations, everything happened in those 48 hours. During the shoot, Jacqueline agreed to drive Ferrari for the car chase sequence, in the song, without any stunt double. Not only she was pretty confident, but she made it look a piece of cake. She drove Ferrari over 100 mph for the car chase on streets of Dubai. Earlier, we had planned to shoot car chase for 2-3 hours, but due to delay, we got mere 30 minutes to shoot it and I’m very proud of what we achieved in such time.

Q. Future projects

I’m working on many videos as of now. But I’m open to direct a web series or web content first before I direct a full feature film. We are already working on scripts and I’m in touch with many script writers for the same. Hopefully I will be able to explore my this side too