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Interviews |  27 Dec 2021 14:19 |  By Tolika Yeptho

'I express myself and my thoughts best through music', says Melody Divecha on latest song 'Crush On You'

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Melody Divecha released “Crush On You” under indie Music Label Throan Of Art Music featuring actor Rishabh Sharma. The singer sang, composed and wrote “Crush On You”.

Excited about the release, Radioandmusic got in touch with Melody Divecha to know more about her latest release and her experience working with Throan Of Art Music.

Check the interview below:

“Crush on you” is a whole package of you as you have sung, composed and written, tell us the story behind it?

This song I wrote, “Crush On You”, was actually about a mutual friend I liked. You can call this a teenage love story of sorts inspired from real life events! Since this was during a pandemic, I only knew him through a screen, and through one of my friends. When I wrote this song, I only knew him through his name, his personality, his voice and the way he spoke. I express myself and my thoughts best through music, and so only while writing this song, I realized that I liked him. When it comes to writing music, my inspiration mainly comes from the people around me. Most of the songs I write are about someone I know, someone I like, someone I parted with, or someone I keep remembering. My songs are all stories from my life. Song ideas usually just randomly appear in my head when I'm thinking about something related to it, and then I have to quickly note it down in a book or my phone. Then when I get some time, I create the chord pattern and tune and complete the song. Recently, I have been working on trying to write songs without having to wait for inspiration to strike though. So, I try to challenge myself to write songs about random things, like a mirror, a dress I like or maybe even cake! It helps because you don’t always have the time to wait for inspiration, sometimes you just have to create your own inspiration.  

How was your experience working with Throan Of Art Music?

It has been really fun and I have learnt a lot too. I feel like when recording Crush On You, my vocal techniques and range got better from the guidance I got from Thomson. Even filming the music video was really fun and a whole new experience. I also liked the label’s interpretation of my song, and the way they created a whole new story for the music video. The music video tells the story of a young teenage girl’s love, a crush on her schoolmate enacted onscreen by actor Rishabh Sharma, who seems to be the heartthrob of the school due to his dashing boyish charm and good looks. She cannot express her emotions and has a huge crush on him and hence goes into a dreamland in the midst of her class thinking of how they would be in love and spend time at the beach, creating a fictional universe of romantic moments. It was really fun to film this music video and star opposite actor/model Rishabh Sharma. We hadn’t met before and yet on sets during the shoot we felt super comfortable enacting the dream sequence of a couple in love.  I also loved working with Director Athul Leonardo Nandhu who brilliantly captured the emotions and storyline and Thomson’s entire production team interpreted my song so beautifully and in such a creative & different way. I’m excited as the song has crossed 116k views globally, has made it across radio stations globally and to see such a positive response to my debut single is simply overwhelming. I am grateful to Throan Of Art Music and Thomson Andrews for believing in my Talent & songwriting, mentoring me throughout, giving me such a brilliant launch with so many promotional activities and campaigns, having my song play on Radio channels, Media Interviews, TV with such creative social media strategies, all via his Indie platform Throan Of Art; I feel blessed, motivated and excited for my future as an artist.

How did your life in the music industry start, tell us about it?

I have always loved singing, since I was a kid. I always dreamt of being a singer, and posted covers of songs on YouTube. Recently, like for a few years, I started writing my own songs and posting them too! Honestly though, I feel like this song of mine, Crush On You, is actually the start of my life in the music industry. My main inspiration back then was actually Hannah Montana. I used to watch her show on Disney and listen to all her songs, and wish that one day I could be a singer too. Growing up, I have been into so many different kinds of singers and music groups and they have all inspired me in some way or the other. Recently I’ve been really into K-Pop, Alternative and RnB music. Language is never a barrier for me when it comes to music too. I like listening to songs of other languages and they make me want to learn them too and it's really fun!

What is your vision for 2022 for your songs?

As a singer, I’m mainly someone who sings Pop, but I would love to explore other genres and styles of music too! I would love to create songs that are more RnB, alternative or rock based, and I would also love to learn how to rap someday! I really enjoy trying new things, while also keeping my true style.

What would be your dream collaborations?

My dream collaborations are Doja Cat, Conan Gray, Dodie, Ten Lee from WayV, DPR Ian, Eric Nam and Jessi. I would someday also really love to feature on a song by one of my favorite K-pop groups, like NCT, Twice or Stray Kids! As a singer, I’m mainly someone who sings Pop, but I would love to explore other genres and styles of music too! I just like trying new things and I would love to create songs that are more RnB, alternative or rock based, and I would also love to learn how to rap someday!