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Interviews |  08 Nov 2021 13:02 |  By Namrata Kale

Artist Pina Colada speaks about his first Hindi single ‘Kyun’

Pina Colada Blues (Kevin Shaji) is a Kerala-based upcoming composer. His music mainly explores genres like dream, electro-pop, trap, hip-hop, R&B, carnatic and eastern infused western styles. In keeping with music label’s ‘Day One’ and their philosophy, Kevin aims to blur the boundaries of languages and genres with his music. To know more about Pina Colada and his music we got in a candidi chat with him. Check interview below.

Could you please introduce yourself to the audience?

I am an electronic music producer and composer based out of Kerala. My sound is a mix of genres like Electronic, Pop, RnB, Lofi, Ambient/Chill-Pop, Trap etc. This in turn explains my name as my sound is a cocktail of multiple genres.

Can you tell us about your upcoming song Kyun and your association with Day one music label for this song?

Kyun? is my upcoming single and it happens to be my first single in Hindi. The song features Mridul Anil on the vocals and is written by Ritendra Dirghangi. The song has instruments like the Sarangi, Saxophone and violin to create an East meets West feel. It’s a blend where Big Band meets Electronic Ballad built around the theme of a relationship drifting apart. It is about a point (not necessarily romantic, it could be a friendship, it could be a paternal or maternal relation too) where the two of them are still together but find themselves distancing from each other.

I am very excited to be part of Day One's initial artist roster and it is amazing to work with the team in bringing this track and vision to life.

Can you tell us more about your music and why have you remade it in Hindi?

I have been composing music since March 2020 and have released 13 songs with Kyun? Being my 14th. When I make music, my primary goal is to make sure the song I put out can be enjoyed by almost everyone. Furthermore, I also make sure I make songs that I like to listen to.With Kyun? Being a remake of my single Akalukayo (in Malayalam), I must say that I always had the intention to make a Hindi version of one or two of my singles so that I and my music could reach out to new audiences. Also since this is my very-first release in Hindi, I am excited to see the response of the song.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are simple - Make more music that people can listen and vibe to and also to make music that transcend genres and languages.