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Interviews |  09 Sep 2021 17:33 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Akshay Raheja and Kunal Rawal's 'Vision Quest' film is a perfect blend

MUMBAI: Music producer-composer Akshay Raheja created and produced music for a fashion film to showcase Designer Kunal Rawal’s latest collection ‘Vision Quest’ at India Couture Week where Sonam Kapoor was seen as a showstopper promoting gender fluid fashion.

Check the interview below:

Share your experience of working with Kunal on creating the perfect blend of the right look and music to fit the fashion film

Working with Kunal has been such an inspiring and life-affirming journey, to be honest. His process is very musical, experimental and rapidly evolves with every second in an almost jazz-like manner. He thrives on the chaos of creativity and empowers the artist to explore possibilities in a very involved manner.

The music that we've put together for the film is a very different animal. It's edgy, slick and it has a sense of play that is constantly happening between the colours and shapes, on screen and the music, which leaves you absolutely riveted to what is happening in front of you. The grooves, sounds and the evolution of themes in the soundscape lead you inward and alternate between feeling familiar but also previously unheard.

Sonam Kapoor was seen as the showstopper promoting gender fluid fashion, what are your views on that?

I think Sonam is absolutely stunning in the film. Fashion is and has always been a pillar and a very strong ally of gender fluidity. I think that is one thing that really shines through in this collection. Having Sonam as a part of the project takes things a couple of notches higher not only in terms of appearance, aesthetic and popularity but also a strong voice that people resonate with and follow.

Where do you find inspiration for your music?

I think of myself as a sonic explorer first and then a music producer and musician in that order. I have always had a strong sense of aesthetic in design both visually and also in terms of the emotional response that can be elicited using the right balance of elements.

The right use of a shape or sound in one specific place changes everything and makes things feel fresh and enhances its magic in a whole new way.

I look for that same exhilaration in people, places and conversations and that pursuit is probably what inspires me most while making music. I listen to musicians often with my ears, but I'm really searching for those tiny revealing bits of special sauce hidden behind the commercial or technical aspects that music is often overflowing with.

Future roadmap

Have a couple of songs in films that should hit the cinemas early next year followed by independent releases.