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Interviews |  11 May 2021 18:34 |  By Tolika Yeptho

"Music heals me" says composer Abhishekh Khan

MUMBAI: Singer-actor and composer Abhishekh Khan who is famously known for Nushrat Marri in Bard of Blood is now acting in Sony Liv’s latest release “Project 9191”. 

Abhishekh Khan is a young self taught musician. Even though he juggles between acting and music he believes music is something that is around him all the time. He recent release ‘Far’ is all about our current situation, and how we all are far away right now from something that we wish we had.

During an interview with the singer talks about his latest series Project 9191 and his passion towards music.

Check interview below:

From what age did you start learning music and which was the first instrument that you learned?

I haven't learnt music & or any instrument as such. Rhythm comes naturally to me because of dance. 

Who is your role model in music and whose work do you refer the most, to learn from?

Learning comes from everyone & everywhere. I've been following so many artists from around the world, it's fascinating. The variety is so vast. And I can't really name one artist as my role model as there are so many out there that I love & adore.

Who would you call an inspiration behind the music that you create?

Music itself is an inspiration. I've been following different forms of music from around the world. Thanks to Spotify for introducing me to numerous artists out there. One such artist who ignited the fire in me to make music is "Delayde". His music really helped me heal and so I decided to start doing something of my own too.

Do you feel it is very essential to understand the old music in order to create the new one?

I don't know actually, but I really believe the old ones need to be respected for various reasons. They should be studied & at the same time passed on to the future generations, more like how we pass on our traditions & cultures. They shouldn't go extinct. We are here because of them.

How difficult is it for you to remove time from your acting schedules for the passion of music that you have?

Not difficult at all. Music heals me. I need music around me all the time. As I feel music helps you to feel emotions better than anything else. But I don't force myself to create something, when it comes naturally to me, I sit down & try to make something with all my heart.

Can you tell us something about your latest music creation named ‘Far’ which is available on YouTube and YouTube music?

I created Far in 2019, when I was on a trip to Pondicherry. Back then, it was called "Home" & I made few changes to it & renamed it as "Far". Far because at this point in our life, we are all longing for a lot of things. We are "Far" & some are going "Far".

As a music creator/composer, what would you like to comment on the music/background score of your latest series Project 9191?

I've no great knowledge about music & I refrain to comment on anyone's art in a negative way. I always try to look good when it comes to music. With Project 9191, the composer - Dhaval Tandon, has done fabulously well. The theme is something I really loved & enjoyed. I wish I could meet & tell him this. His music has elevated the series in a great manner. 

Can you tell us something about your Sony Liv series Project 9191?

Project 9191 is a crime thriller based on civic surveillance. A team which strives to stop crimes before it happens. It's distinctive & deals with various issues too.

Tell us something about your character and how is it contributing to the entire web series?

Johnny is one of the most important characters of the series. He’s basically the show-runner of Unit 9191 & without Johnny, the technical aspect will go down & the team will be clueless. Also, his relationship with Sharad & Amitabh turns out to be very complicated in the latter half of the show & that’s very interesting to witness as an audience.