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Interviews |  25 Mar 2021 13:45 |  By Namrata Kale

Prashant Ingole and Ammul Goel on the launch of their new music label

Lyricist, composer, and director Prashant Ingole wants to keep no stones unturned. Prashant had been working on a lot of Indie singles during the lockdown and this gave him an idea to make the move a little bigger than just making music. Prashant Ingole and his long time buddy Ammul Goel have now launched a YouTube channel/label called ‘Indi Pendent Music’ which will exclusively promote Independent music. According to Prashant the quality of poetry in today's Indie music is not that great but there are some amazing talents who don’t get the correct platforms to showcase their work, and Indi Pendent Music is here to do exactly the same. With the current scenario of Indie music picking up big time in India, now is also the right time to launch something like this.

In an interview with, Prashant Ingole and Ammul Goel have shared some exclusive information on the same.

You have launched a new indie label, could you tell us a bit about the process of working around it? How has your experience been?

Prashant Ingole: I feel that the Indie music in India is totally different and I feel that the kind of songs that are coming out in the market were lacking the poetry, the feel, and the communication to the audience. And since it has opened a new market, like the pop culture back in the nineties, I thought why not explore the possibility and start something. I was planning for ten songs myself and then I pitched the idea to Amol Goel and he came on board and supported the cause. So we both thought of doing it together and now the first song is releasing.

So far the experience has been amazing for me as I'm creating the content and Amol is supporting the funding for the video and all. It's been amazing so far so good because we are like just a family and both of us have friends for such a long time now. The experience so far has been really good because we have faith in each other.

Ammul Goel: Hi, this is Ammul Goel basically a businessman but a very common man who is very fond of music, and having a friend from this industry is a blessing, and that is Prashant for me. When I met him, he pitched me about this whole thing about his songs which will be coming up gradually, with ‘Tu Goa Mein Hain’ the first song to come out. So I really liked the idea and like I always was very impressed with his work.

We’ve been friends for a very long and since then I have been hearing him since forever and we have also seen the progress that he has made in this industry. So when he pitched about his songs I was very impressed with the whole idea about his song ‘Tu Goa Mein Hai’ and he also shared with me a few more songs which he is planning to release in the future. The first thing came in my mind while listening to the song was, “dude not only this song, how about coming up with the channel? You know having our own channel and in this channel, we’ll start going with your songs”. So he really liked the idea and agreed to it because of our shared interests.

What was the idea behind coming up with an indie label?

Prashant: As I said before, I wanted to explore the possibility of pop culture, which goes to be independent music in itself.

Ammul: there are many singers already they are coming up with lots of things. Being Prashant is very difficult, so we getting you Prashant. He himself is one label…he himself is one rhythm which people will experience. I want to listen to his music and feel whatever his music is trying to tell you. So, from next year onwards we would be accepting new and talented people and we would be coming with an app soon which will be promoting lots of talented people but yeah, we’ll talk about this later.

What is your vision for this venture? Where do you see the label in the next ten years?

Prashant: My vision for this venture is to have around 10 songs until the end of this year. Every month we plan to have one release and the 10 songs are by me as I'm going to be the artist for it, that's the vision. Post that we are hoping to have let's say one song of a new artist every month from January next year. I'm not looking at ten years down the line because you don't know what's going to happen, but next year we are hoping to have at least 150,000 subscribers minimum and we are planning to connect with the masses as we try to cater to all of them with a good song, good poetry, good music, and good concepts and the most of it all our songs will be designed to be interlinked and connected and not like the songs which is coming out on any random thought.

Ammul: The next 10 years will depend on you people what kind of love and support and what kind of a treat you give us which will depend on what we will be showing with our performance and our hard work. So the more love and support we get the better it will be. It will all depend on our listeners.

What are your upcoming plans w.r.t to the label? Any new projects?

Prashant: Right now it's the project for which we are doing 10 songs until the end of this year. The songs will come out on the 21st of every month. Our first song ‘Tu Goa Mein Hain’ will be releasing on the 21st of this month and every month on the same day we will release one song under our Indie music channel.

How would you introduce the label to the audience?

Prashant: We would introduce the label to the audience as The India's pendant. It's like not the independent it's Indi Pendent like the pendant which you wear around your neck. India's pendant that's how we are going to be and that’s how we're going showcase to the world like the beautiful necklace in the neck of India. So that is how our vision.

Which artist collaborations are you looking at?

Prashant: I'm personally looking at collaborating with some international artists in the month of October. We don't want to reveal the names yet, but we have an international collaboration with somebody very powerful from Hollywood. The audience will get something really big in the month of October, so we are channelizing some stuff.

How often would songs be releasing?

Prashant: We will release one song on the 21st of every month because this month 21st is Amol’s mom's birthday and that's when we are releasing our first song.

Could you give us an insight into the selection procedure of artists for the label?

Prashant: Selection procedure of artists for the label. Selection procedure for artists who would be completely dependent on their talent and the integrity and their sincerity that's these three pillars which I usually focus on. So if you have talented artists there who are really having the power of integrity who are true and who are sincere we would be would absorb them and try to push them and create a song around them and curate a song for them.

Check out the song below that released from their music label.