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Interviews |  28 Jan 2021 15:42 |  By Namrata Kale

First difficulty was spreading your music through with zero followers: Artist Kina on his journey

The sonic storytelling of Kina, the 20 year old Italian producer continues with this raw and honest collection of songs detailing words left unsaid feelings of regret as time passes by.

Kina broadcasts his secrets through lo-fi pop transmissions teeming with the emotion and release of a midnight confession. His bare honesty registers on a global scale with an understated, yet seismic impact. Since 2017, Kina has quietly emerged as a bona fide phenomenon with over 3 billion streams, Platinum certifications, acclaim from Refinery29 and Idolator, and an average of 9 million monthly listeners on Spotify. To know more about this interesting artist we got in a candid chat with him. Check insights below.

Could you please explain your music for our readers?

My music can be defined as "personal music" because each person can experience different sensations listening to it. There are those who remember love stories, or sad and difficult moments or there are those who use it to just chill. For those who have never listened to my music, I advise you to put on your headphones, lock yourself in your bedroom, get on the bed and press play. Have a good trip.

Tell us about your journey in the music industry, how did it all begin?

I recreated myself after many failures with other past projects. I started producing as a child, when I was about 8 years old. I was making EDM music, but it didn't really reflect what I had inside, so at 18 I created a new profile on Soundcloud, Kina. I started putting on all the tracks that represented me most at that time, with the help of different networks on youtube like "The Bootleg Boy", "Nourish." and many others. That helped me gain millions of streams unexpectedly, and so many labels began noticed me and contacted me. I signed with Columbia Records and it is an honor for me to be on their legendary roster.

Who/What inspired you to get into music?

I remember that I was in the car with my father when I was a child - I turned on the radio and there was an Italian DJ who was talking about music production, and in that moment everything started. I ran home, turned on the computer and started watching music production tutorials on YouTube from morning until evening until I decided to download FL Studio and start doing my own thing.

What are the challenges you faced as a musician?

At the beginning of my musical journey there were many difficulties, the first difficulty was spreading your music through with 0 followers, and for me it was very important because I wanted to receive feedback to improve more and more. The second difficulty was finding singers for the tracks, because most were asking for money and I had nothing. I later discovered several musical communities that helped me and where I formed friendships with artists that I collaborated with in the future. At this stage in your career as an artist these difficulties are definitely minimal, but you have a lot more responsibilities, because you know that there are millions of people who are waiting for your music. This makes you anxious but at the same time makes you do better and better.

Please do tell us about your upcoming projects.

I can't say much, but there are so many great things in the works. I’m working on my first album and I'm very excited to get it out.

What is ‘Asleep In A Dream’, your recent project all about? Is there any moment from the docuseries that fans should not miss out on?

“Asleep in a dream” was made because so many people know my songs, but they don’t really know me. I wanted to give people a window into my life and let them see what goes into all of this, because the only way to truly understand these songs is to know what emotions are really being poured into each of them.

Kina’s mini doc-series ‘Asleep In A Dream’ is currently airing on Vh1 India.

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