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Interviews |  19 Jan 2021 19:41 |  By Namrata Kale

I don't like diplomacy, rather purity: Budding singer Ayaz Ismail

Ayaz Ismail is Dallas based Music Composer, Singer and Mixing Engineer, who runs a prominent music studio and learning centre in Dallas. He shot to fame with the release Wirdd sung by Javed Ali, which is his most requested song till date, in the same month he released another track with Shaan titled Ishq Zaat Meri. Ayaz is a budding singer and has a lot in the store for the future. To know more about his music and his journey we got in touch with him.

Check out his interview below.

How has your journey in the music industry been?

The journey is still on. Everyday is a new day with new melodies, and as I progress, I am learning something new. I wouldn’t say I am fully part of the industry yet. There is a lot more to do to make yourself established in the industry. I don’t believe in one-song success, for me it’s sustainability and patience. Yes, it’s my desire to score for a film someday, and I hope that comes soon. As I said, it’s about sustainability, and I am quite happy in the independent scene now. It gives me freedom to express myself and it’s sort of like reflection.

Could you throw some light on the challenges you have faced?

Well, there are many out there to put you down, and I have experienced that over my musical journey. They perceive it as competition, and music is not competition. Hence, I can say lack of support from various people that I know. It’s like, “Yeah,  I heard your song, it’s nice,” but you never acknowledged that on social media platforms. I don’t like diplomacy, rather purity. Another word for this can be fake. People will sugar coat you, be nice in front of you, but you do find out their intentions. I believe in associating myself with my close ones, and the people I admire and love.

Whom/What has been your inspiration?

Hands down Rahman sir. It’s been my dream to meet him someday, or even work with him. My life will be fulfilled.

What is your focus going to be in 2021?

My focus for this year will be versatility in music & languages. I want to explore the Hip/Hop and Dancehall music type of songs, and of course my favorite, the romance genre.  

Upcoming plans.

I have some exciting projects lined up. Next up is a Tamil song (Yes, I love South Indian music). My heart is there. I am also collaborating once again with my favorite Javed Ali after 2 years, the amazing Shashwat Singh, Sayeed Quadri sir, Kunnal Vermaa, and etc. 2021 will also mark my debut in Tamil Music with single sung by Hari Charan titled Doorika to be released some time in the first half of this year. Simultaneously I am working out on a English single titled Lights, which has been shot on a massive scale.

Ayaz also released a track with Richa Sharma and Shahid Mallya called Mowla Ki Jubilee in honor of the diamond Jubilee celebration of Agah Khan, The Next track that hit it off for him was a eid track titled Mushkil Kusha sung by Coke Studio Fame Natasha Baig, depicting the Joy of Eid in the time Covid in 2020, One of his massive hits has been with Mohit Chahuhan who sang Dil Ki Shikayat for him, the song was well written by the Director of Netflix Original Bulbul Anvita Dutt. He headed of from there to work with lyricist Kunal Verma and signed a 3 song deal with him, one of which has already released titled Jitthey Tu Jaaye, and the other 2 have been recorded by Javed Ali and Shashwat Singh.

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