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Interviews |  18 Dec 2020 20:50 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Aanchal Shrivastava cried 100 times remembering every moment she lived with her past

MUMBAI: After giving voice to the Amazon prime’s ‘4 More Shots Please, Season 2’ song ‘Din Shagna Da’ for the Lesbian Marriage, singer Aanchal Shrivastava dropped a new single “Chithi Khat Aur Tum” about love and things that exist but are lost within. The song features Arinjay Das and Aanchal Shrivastava.

Read below the exclusive interview to know more:

Congratulations on your new song release “Chithi Khat Aur Tum”, could you tell us about the song and the story behind it?

“Chithi Khat Aur Tum” is a song i have written and composed thinking of those feelings that we forget to express, especially when we are in a relationship. All my experiences of relationships have been, where my guy would say "I love you bolne ki kya zaroorat hai? You know I Love you right!". I feel, we all forget the emotion called expression, Love is not just 'I love you' Love is also about expressing, it is also about not saying anything and understanding. This song is a cry of that lover to the lover on all those expressions that he forgot to express.

Story behind the song?

I was jamming with a guitarist friend of mine, generally one of the evenings in my house. We casually had planned this jamm, no jazz or thought of making a song. He played a riff and three words came to my mind 'Chithi Khat aur tum' - He instantly stopped and said "Isn't chithi and khat same!", I rolled my eyes at him and ignored. We didn't work on it that day at all. 2 Months later, my brother came to me and asked "Wo chithi khat wala gaana kyun nahi bana rahi aap?" I was surprised he remembered it. I think that was it, that was my zero day and I began working on Chithi Khat Aur Tum.

Watch here:

I might have just begun with this song casually, but while writing this song, I had cried 100 times remembering every moment I lived with my past in the wait of him to express his love and never go away. Every song of mine is a real story, even this one is. Just the way Chithi - Khat exists but we never write them anymore, even though he is around but not with me anymore.  For all those, who broke up in their heart more than physically, “Chithi Khat Aur Tum” is their song.

Tell us more about your band ‘Yatra With Aanchal’, the idea behind forming a band?

Yatra With Aanchal was my first step towards my dream.  I quit my job at 30 to do music full time, and I had to start rehearsing, singing more, jamming, making music - All these terrorising questions had just one answer "Bring Like-minded people together" I began to connect with musicians I had played with in the past and they were happiest knowing the fact that I now only wanted to do music.

My heart named it Yatra, because this is Yatra for me. A journey through Music. Our jamms screamed 'soulful and Folk' is our genre and I am glad we heard it right! So, Sufi - Folk and Soulful.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am now getting scared of thinking about tomorrow. I really wonder if I have ever thought about a 5 year plan. I am very Live today, live right now kind of a person. My efforts and life are right now. I do not believe in giving timelines to my passion, I will be a musician till I die. Where and what level will I be in 5 years is probably something I have never ever thought or even asked myself, I just want to do music, today - tomorrow - day after every day even after 5 yrs.

Upcoming projects?

Next Single 'Sajan Ji' is all set to release in Jan. Hopefully a little bit of our music shall be heard in the offbeat cinema too, as a surprise from our side. 2021 will have my fav indie collab & couple of Gazals. 2020 has been really loving and I think in 2021 I want to give back all the love through my music. 

Aanchal Loves singing indie-folk and soulful music - But who are you as a person?

I am a complete filmy person, filmy as in Bollywood Hindi music lover. Hardly can sing English. The only thing I can do in English is talk.

As much as I love listening to Sufi, folk, Gazals, soulful music, I love dancing to Bollywood and Punjabi songs. I think I have something inside of my heart for every genre and style of music, if I cannot sing it then either I will cry with it, or dance on it, or simply drive with it, spend my time with a few, sleep with coke studio Pakistan's music, spend my bro time with my younger brother with Hardwell and Skrillix and etc.

Aanchal Shrivastava’s Yatra

My professional life began with a radio station 94.3 Myfm. where I joined as a Sales executive, and all what I knew was I will one day become a Radio Jockey. I still remember saying this to the CEO in my interview round with him, "Sir one day I will be your jock". I did become a Radio Jock. Radio was nice, it was wonderful - It let me experience fame quite early in my life and I think, that is one of the reasons I am not in Aww of being a celeb. I love how life is giving surprises and love for my music and I feel much wiser now with this.

Radio didn't acknowledge my singing, in fact they pretty much rejected my singing and I think, I am really very proud that now Radios play my songs, interview me. This is one full circle of life for me.


My mom is my learning and my dad is my education. I am born to the parents who must have dreamt unknowingly of seeing their child become a renowned singer, they themselves would have never realized, they must have really wanted it. All my childhood, my learning, my education had revolved around music. Infact my parents let me skip pre-boards because I had Fame X auditions. Their actions, their expressions, their sacrifices for me, my music is my inspiration. Actions speak louder than words and Maa Daddy's expressions, efforts in making me learn music, helping me pursue it, having faith in me and making me believe in myself is nothing less than a blessing. Of which I am very proud of. And thus - No looking back. I try Upwards and onwards always.