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Interviews |  28 Oct 2020 18:41 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rusha and Blizza's EP 'Sutra' hopes for a better future

MUMBAI: After the massive success for its first EP “Mudra”, producers/DJs Rusha and Blizza in association with Alfa Records, are all set to launch a folk, electronic and experimental music “Sutra”.

The EP titled ‘Sutra’ and song names (spelling out a mystique-heavy utterance about nature and continuity) reveals this transcendent sonic experience addressing the thread of existence, “Kaise”, “Barse”, “Hawa”, “Hoye”, “Kaal”, and “Anth” are the names of the tracks.

Rusha and Blizza worked together for years, although ruling their professional lives on one side; have always managed to keep their passion for music alive through their creations. The duo craft indefatigable bass booms, tribal energy, and vocal hooks, borrowing from different Indian traditional strains for seemingly constructed chaos. During an exclusive interview with the producers gave some interesting insights about their latest EP.

Check the interview below:

Q1. What does your EP 'Sutra' reflect on?

Sutra was made during these tough times when almost everyone is going through an emotional rollercoaster, we have been lucky to be able to sustain ourselves and stay safe, but many others have had their world turned upside down. That is why we wanted to give in to our vulnerability, while hoping for a better future, we tried to present these emotions through Sutra.

Q2. Give us a gist about the music video?

The video of the track 'Kaise' revolves around the struggles that women used to go through and had to bury them because of the social, society, and cultural background.

But now women can stand up for themselves and move on. Some tracks ignite certain thoughts and desires, which are very visual. We felt that ‘Kaise’ is a track that would be complete with the right video.

Q3. Tell us some of the memorable moments you made through your journey?

Well the journey has just started and we are looking forward to some great times ahead.

Q4. How have you been primarily spending your time in quarantine?

We and our whole team have been jammed packed with putting the pieces together for Sutra. Apart from that we are constantly working on new projects.

Q5. Upcoming projects?

We have 2 singles and an album already complete. A few videos have been shot and many more in the works. We are also working on our next ep. Some of our new work is a complete departure to our previous work. We just want to stay true to our day one moto "courage to the experimental".