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Interviews |  24 Oct 2020 16:15 |  By Tolika Yeptho

My personal journey reflects in song 'Ae Mere Dil' : Abhay Jodhpurkar

MUMBAI: Abhay Jodhpurkar launched a soulful ballad “Ae Mere Dil”, a very personal track was composed by Jeet Gannguli, written by Manoj Muntashir under VYRL Originals.

Recently he crooned a beautiful love ballad with Shreya Ghoshal called ‘Sapna hai Sach Hai’ form Panipat. He also holds a record of singing over 100 songs and counting in Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and Marathi films.

Abhay Jodhpurkar spoke exclusively to about “Ae Mere Dil”, which talks about vulnerabilities and having to trust after being heart-broken a couple of times. In a further chit-chat, he also elaborated on primarily spending his time in quarantine and interesting upcoming projects.  

Check the interview below:

What does your track 'Ae Mere Dil' reflect on?

“Ae Mere Dil” is a very personal song to me, particularly because for the first time that Jeet Gannguli Da, Manoj Muntashir and I came together. My personal journey reflects in this song. The song talks about vulnerabilities, about questioning whether you can gather the courage to fight back for loving someone again, having to trust after being heart-broken a couple of times. It takes to gather the guts to do that and I think the song represents that, no matter what you have to give it a shot and it's all going to be good at the end of the day. So, have that trust in your partner and it's alright to be scared and alright to question things but ultimately if you give love, another chance. It all works out in the end.

I am sure everyone has gone through heartbreaks and tough relationships and this song surely going to remind them of all those experiences, all those feelings that they probably brush under the carpet but I hope the song you know speaks out to people on a personal level and I hope they connect with it and they like it.

Watch here:

Tell us some of your memorable moments you made during the shoot and collaboration with Jeet Gannguli.

I am a huge fan of Jeet da, and Manoj Muntashir. It feels like a dream come true and finally got to associate with them because I have always admired their body of work and especially talking about Jeet dada, I had actually made a Tamil version of his songs 'Muskurane ki vajah', and that's how we bonded with each other. He had listened to that version and appreciated it which means a lot and ever since we kept in touch. We met in Mumbai 2 years back and we discussed work and he said we should work together and see it has happened. Thanks to Universal Music and VYRL Originals that this project came about, the song is wonderfully executed and this song is already doing wonders and people are loving it and I'm thankful to each and everyone showing love towards it.

How have you been primarily spending your time in quarantine?

So, what kept me busy during the lockdown was I was soaking in a lot of music that I have never got to listen to. I was listening to indie, western, a lot of world music and of course consuming a lot of content from all the OTT platforms that are prevailing right now.

And the creative aspect of course talking about that I started painting and sketching a lot, and photography is something that has always been on my list, that I never got to explore so I did explore that during lockdown so yeah it has been a great experience.

Upcoming projects?

I have sung in A.R Rahman's 99 songs, the Hindi album is out, but the Tamil album is going to be released soon. I have also shot a beautiful episode with Suresh Wadkar for Jammin season 3. There is also one song coming out in the film called 'Comedy Couple' which is going to be out on Zee 5.