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Interviews |  20 Oct 2020 14:37 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Zephyrtone to release first ever English-Hindi fusion song 'Kuch Lamhe'

MUMBAI: Zephyrtone was formed in 2015, youngest-fastest rising electronic act comprising producer and vocalist duo - Sayan and Zephyr.

Sayan’s productions and Zephyr’s voice fuse together to create an exceptional soundscape of originals, covers and remixes. They have performed their unique DJ + Live act at leading venues across Pune, Goa, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kerala, Mumbai, Dubai and more.

In an interview with Tolika Yeptho from, Zephyrtone has given some interesting insights about the song and a wider picture about themselves.

Check the interview below:

What does your upcoming song consist of? Give us a gist of what’s the song's story and idea behind the track?

Our upcoming song is called “Kuch Lamhe” which will be out in November. We’re super excited for this release since we’ve tried something different this time and featured a Hindi vocalist on this record & the fun fact is that we’ve written & composed the Hindi lyrics. It’ll be our first ever English/Hindi fusion song along with an electronic pop vibe.

What is the story of Sayan and Zephyr? How do you both meet? 

We are childhood friends and grew up listening to a lot of pop music. We dreamt of becoming musicians and had it at the back of our minds then put it into action. We started jamming together at a very young age and composed our first ever original music at the age of 17. We released our first EP called “Shooting Stars” and things skyrocketed since then.

Where are your favourite places to perform?

Some of our favourite places to perform are Guwahati, Kerala, Mumbai, Pune, Northeast, Chennai, Dubai etc.

How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard you before?

We have our own signature sounds and our followers can easily identify it as Zephyrtone’s music. Beautiful Melodies that tickle your senses and take you to the past/future! Our songs are understandable and relatable and we try to keep it as simple as possible. Zephyrtone songs have a chill melodic vibe to lift up anyone’s mood.

Who are you spending your quarantine with?

At the moment both of us are living together with Sayan’s parents in Kolkata.

What are the productive things you learned during the lockdown?

Since live shows and concerts are off, we’ve invested our time in making lots of new content for our YouTube channel like covers of trending songs and obviously been working on our original music too. Also, we’ve been cooking & experimenting in our kitchen! Learned a lot of new recipes!

Upcoming projects?

We are working on our new music, most of them are English-Hindi fusion. Can’t wait for ya’ll to hear them so stay tuned.