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Interviews |  20 Oct 2020 16:52 |  By Namrata Kale

My inspiration and idols have always been 'The Beatles' and AR Rahman: Amartya Bobo Rahut

Amartya Bobo Rahut is an Indian music composer and singer currently based out of Mumbai is known for his work in films like Drive, Tumhari Sulu, etc. Amartya is amongst the most respected music composer's in the country and has worked on over 2k Tv commercials. He has also been a recipient of a bronze at Cannes Lions International Festival for Creativity and Promax awards for his exceptional work in ad films.

Usually shy with his approach towards media Amartya has now decided to work on some of his passionate Indie projects. His song is called "Shaam Simti" composed and sung by Amartya himself. The song is beautifully shot in Goa during lockdown with Amartya himself featuring in it. To know more about his music and upcoming projects, check the interview below.

Could you tell us something more about yourself and your music?

Music has been my passion since the time I remember, I started off in Kolkata and finally decided to relocate to Mumbai to pursue my career in music. I started off as a Guitar player but the composition also came naturally to me. It was during my college days that I decided to become a musician.

When and how did you get into music?

In Kolkata, I used to play guitars for a lot of rock bands doing original music, like Cactus, Paras Pathor. I then decided to shift to Mumbai and pursue my career as a professional studio musician, composing for tv commercials, films.

Any challenges/struggles on your way while you were pursuing your career?

It has been a challenge since I was 15. My father and my elder brother died within a year of each other, so from then onwards it's been a tough and uphill task for me. But thankfully God has been kind and I have managed to make a mark in the Advertising industry, having done over 2000 tv commercials for some of the biggest brands in the country.

Who/What has been your motivation?

 My inspiration and idols have always been 'The Beatles' and AR Rahman.

 Could you let us know about Shaam Simti?

"Shaam Simti is a very special song for me as it is my first independent single. A single that is very close to my heart and a song that holds a very important message. The song is about longing for someone who cannot physically be with you due to some reason. It could be because the other person who is no more, divorce, or a fight, but a situation that everyone comes across once in a while. A song made entirely under lockdown and shot beautifully in Goa. Shaam Simti is a creation of this conversation that I was having with my wife. If one of us is no more, what would the other person do?!"

Upcoming projects.

 Currently other than a few ad films that I am working on, I am focusing a lot on my original music. My nature of work mainly had me working on other people's ideas, but the lockdown has given me the time to explore and work on my own music.