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Interviews |  29 Aug 2020 18:10 |  By Namrata Kale

Karwaan gives a glimpse of my journey: Sid Philar

Bangalore-California based Singer Sid Philar recently released his first original single "Karwaan". He recorded and shot the video in Long Beach, California. The song is a convenient narration of his musical journey in his own words. It narrates the struggles deep within him and explores his musical identity as he goes on a soul searching expedition.

To know more about his song and a lot more, we got in Sid Philar.

Check interview below.

Could u tell us more about your new song Karwaan?

The song is a convenient narration of my musical journey. It narrates the struggles and how I explore my musical identity as I go on a soul searching expedition.

What message does it give?

It’s a motivational and inspirational song which lot of people will relate to. The song talks about introspection and finding one’s identity while looking for destiny. It also talks about back and forth between the super power and human and the superpower encouraging the human to keep looking for his destiny and that he’ll find it if he keeps looking.

What inspired you to come up with Karwaan?

 The song was written and composed by Anurag Mishra based in Mumbai and I worked closely with him to finalize and record the song. I wanted to work with someone who was from the industry and could teach me what aspects come to play when releasing an original. It was an enriching experience working with some amazingly talented musicians. We need more of such people in the industry who believe in sharing knowledge.

Upcoming projects and collaborations.

 I’d love to release my own composition, which I’m working on and plan to release by the end of 2020. I will continue to release covers in the meanwhile, which the audience really enjoys and it also keeps the engagement alive. My other ongoing projects are definitely going to involve fundraising for the underprivileged and needy people through my music. A lot of people out there need all the help they can get in these difficult times.