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Interviews |  07 Jul 2020 19:38 |  By Namrata Kale

Scarcity leads you to better ideas: Shilpa Rao

Shilpa Rao, one of the most melodic singers in the Indian music industry has never failed to enthrall the audience with songs like Ghungroo, Khuda Jaane, Bulleya to name a few. While presently the singer has released a new version of her own song called Tose Naina Lage which was released 13 years ago from the film Anwar.

The new version of Tose Naina Lage is sure to please your ears with its music.

 Shilpa Rao has expressed her heart out talking with Namrata Kale from about the song and much more.

Check the interview below.

You have sung a reprised version of Tose Naina Lage, the one that you had debuted with. How does that make you feel singing it after 13 years?

This song Sa Re Ga Ma and I thought of doing a collab and the only song that I have done with SaReGaMa is 'Tose Naina Lage' and it's been 13years and some how the love for this song is never gone, so this was sort of a thankyou for all the love that the audiences listeners fans have shown. To be very honest I have always recorded in the studio, there is always a recording engineer, someone to guide you and so many things but over here you had to record by yourself, be your own judge of the takes and improve on them, so yeah it's not an easy job but it some how taught me so much.

What are some of the best memories you made while shooting the track (back then and now)

Obviously doing a version of any song is always difficult, it's not easy because already that song is a classic. People have heard it in a certain way so you still have to keep the essence of the song and still make a new version. So it's little challenging but Jivitesh Kharbanda is a very good friend of mine and one of our good musicians from India. He helped me to do this and obviously we have done all the work during the lockdown it was a little challenging. Ones I was done then Ofcourse Jivitesh sat down and made the whole track, Utkarsh Amarpuri has mixed and mastered it, I worked with it previous other projects with him and it was very obvious choice to have him on board. The video was ofcourse very challenging because we have very limited equipment. There is no DSLR cameras were you can have depth in the video,  I don't have all these equipments at home and I just did it all this with probably ideas but that's what I learnt during this lockdown, scarcity leads you to better ideas because there was scarcity of equipment or infrastructure of help my mind and my directors mind Ritesh Krishnan we both put our heads together to make this video look beyond what you could shoot at home.

What are your upcoming projects?

I do have many songs that I am trying to put out. Some songs are already in the making and yeah all we make from home recorded and shots, yeah I hope people show the same love or more love for next one's which comes

How are you spending quarantine time amid this Covid-19 pandemic?

I have been grateful that I have the opportunity to be with my family and do music with them at home, I have been cooking and planting, it's been a very calm and peaceful environment at home and totally doing the best at this time of Quarantine also it's been great to connect with fans digitally since everyone is at home and the only way we can connect eachother is through the virtual world, so it's been great I have been doing alot of live.

What are you missing the most?

I miss meeting my closest musicians, friends, the energy of live gigs, travelling etc.

One message to the audience

Stay home, stay safe take up something which you always wanted to do as this is the perfect time to know yourself in real.