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Interviews |  24 Jan 2020 17:43 |  By Namrata Kale

Knowledge is fifth and undoubtedly, the most ignored element of hip-hop: Rapper Dee MC

MUMBAI: Rapper Dee MC, one of the famous and renowned female rappers in the country has been a huge inspiration for budding rappers most importantly to all girls out there. The Desi hip-hop queen has become one amongst the  top trends and has recently released a new track called No More Limits.

Radioandmusic got in a chat with the rapper where she gave some insights about her new track, thoughts about the current hip-hop music industry and a lot more.

Check interview below.

You have worked on an anthem song called ‘No More Limits’. Can you share your experience?

No More Limits’ is a track I created in collaboration with Berlin-based NGO- Wash United, for the Menstrual Hygiene Day that falls on 28 May every year. I personally resonate with the topic so it was easy for me to open up and be comfortable. It’s unfortunate that the topic is still treated as a taboo. But, the video did exactly what we hoped it would- garnered over two million views worldwide and sparked a conversation that is often ignored.

You have represented India at an all-female hip-hop festival in Brussels, Belgium, alongside international hip-hop stars like Malikah from Lebanon, Ayben from Turkey, BGirl Roxy from USA, among others.

Yes, I was in the UK for a month in 2017 for a music tour, and subsequently and was invited to the ‘All-Female Hip-Hop festival’ organized by La Belle Hip-Hop. It was an amazing experience meeting such incredible artists from across the globe, all uniting for the culture. I made some great friends there and I’m glad we’ve all stayed in touch. The entire experience just taught me the true power of art, and how it draws people together, despite their differences! I also experienced that language is no barrier when it comes to music.

You have collaborated with VOID and Varun Dhawan for Breezer Vivid Shuffle music video. Can you tell us something about this association and the experience working with them?

I met MC Void for the first time during the making of the Breezer Vivid Shuffle (BVS) music video, but we immediately kicked it off in the studio. Working with Varun and Void on this video was super fun and crazy! It was great to see the colorful energy of hip-hop come to life during the shoot and I’m excited to see the final output myself. I'm sure the video will be able as much fun to watch as it was to make!

You have been a huge inspiration for girls out there who want to take up rap as a career option. We would like to know who/what has inspired you?

For me, the entire hip-hop community in itself was a big motivation to not give up. It made me feel like I'm part of a larger movement and not alone on this journey. So my advice for the next generation, be it a guy or a girl would be to derive inspiration out of hip-hop as a culture and belief. Only when you’re madly passionate about hip-hop’s history, will you be able to be a part of creating its history in India.

We have seen you raising your voice strongly through raps. Do you think people have imbibed that knowledge? Also, have you seen a change in our society?

Knowledge is the fifth and undoubtedly, the most ignored element of hip-hop. Throughout the world, emcees have tried to educate masses through hardcore rap. In the end, it boils down to whether people want to be educated or entertained through music. I think it's safe to say that it will take time to make that transition in the audience choice. That said, one cannot deny the influence this music has over the younger generation, who listen and look up to it.

What do you think about the current hip-hop music industry?

The industry is booming like never before and it's only going to continue growing. 2020 will see a lot more quality music and videos coming out of the scene. Soon the level of hip-hop music coming out of India will be at par with international music.

A message to all the ones pursuing hip-hop?

My message would be simple-don’t get influenced into becoming a rapper. First, understand hip-hop as a whole, and know about all the elements. Otherwise, you will quit it as hastily as you got into it! Have patience and trust the process.

Your upcoming plans and projects.

I recently released my debut album ‘Dee=MC² produced by Sunit Music. 2020 will be all about music videos from the album and new singles. Musically, there’s a lot in store next year!