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Interviews |  23 Oct 2019 14:11 |  By Minal Owal

Performing in India is like a dream come true: Veronica Fusaro

Veronica Fusaro, a 22-year-old pop sensation from Switzerland has  made her way to performing a gig in India. Releasing her five-track EP SUNKISSED exclusively on 9122 Records, the musician has been performing extensively in many countries until now in North America, Canada, UK, Europe and France and now in India.

“Performing in India is like a dream come true,” expressed Veronica when asked about her debut performance.

Further, in a candid conversation Veronica she speaks in length more about her music, performance and a lot more. Check the interview below.

How does India seem altogether as you would be performing here for the first time?

India seems to be a very interesting and colorful city where one can explore in terms of its culture, cuisine, and biodiversity. Food is something I love the most and I am willing to try Indian food, but less spicy dishes would be more preferable. As of now, butter chicken is one of my favorites because it is very classic and simple I love butter chicken.

When did you realize singing was you forte?

I always loved singing, since I was a kid. I used to be in the school choir and participate at well my parents know how great a bathroom singer I was too. Singing was an interest and a hobby that came naturally too me. I never questioned it, moreover looking up to my ideals I realized people are making a living out of this, they get to travel the world, meet different people and perform too in front of people and that’s when I realized I wanted to pick up singing as my career option.

Where did the idea of SUNKISSED come from?  

SUNKISSED the title comes from the feeling of February, the first day of sun after a long cold winter and it feels so good to get that kind of warmth on your skin where you feel relaxed. The weight from your shoulders just vanishes and makes you feel light and happy, that's the feeling that goes with the whole EP which relates with every song. 

Any memorable moment that you must have had during the process of making these songs?

I got really excited when I heard my song on vinyl. I felt all my efforts were totally worth it.

I heard you refer to SUNKISSED as a book earlier if you could elaborate on this?

Composing a book is like creating a world it can have different stories but at the end its one world  you try to create with different words and for me music or this EP is much as a world but with fewer words but through music so you get to listen, its like a movie but in a short manner.

Any upcoming singles or albums you are working on?

I am always working on new music even if it’s writing down a sentence that later turns into a song. There are some songs which have not been released yet but I find inspiration in every small thing even the silliest, traveling is one of it also I write about things that come to my mind, to my heart that won’t let me go, which I experience so I might come up with new songs very soon.