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Interviews |  12 Apr 2019 10:00 |  By RnMTeam

Indian hip-hop scene is the greatest testimony of turnkey philosophy: Charan

We have heard about a rapper, MCs, singers, composers and even DJs, but have you heard of any turnkey-musician? Well, Charan - a newbie musician is on a mission to make the turnkey philosophy popular. Coming from a metal background, Charan became popular after creating Junglee with his partner Zenith for Bacardi House Party Sessions. While being just two songs old, this guy has sky touching hopes and a lot of projects in his kitty. In an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, Charan talks about what a turnkey-musician is, his journey, Zenith, Bacardi House Party Sessions and more.

You are famous as a turnkey-musician. Can you tell us what it actually means?

A turnkey musician is someone who can cover all aspects of music making. This includes composing, producing, playing the instruments, as well as recording and writing the vocal parts. It’s about covering every requirement in the creation of a song or a piece of score.

Let’s talk about 'Junglee', your Bacardí House Party Sessions’ song with Zenith.

Junglee was the first song Zenith and I have worked on. I had a composition with the first draft of the lyrics set, but I wanted to do something really different with it. Zenith happened to bring that element beautifully with his fresh sound. So what started as a single song collaboration, eventually became project ‘ZxC’ (Zenith x Charan). Apart from Junglee, we have done another single called Kho Gaye.

Can you comment on your association with Bacardí House Party Sessions?

It was a delight being a part of Bacardí House Party Sessions. Benny has been extremely insightful and supportive as a mentor, encouraging us to max out the potential of our song. The whole production process of making a music video has been a huge learning curve that has helped us grow as artists and as professionals. The entire Bacardí team really follows the ethos of ‘do what moves you’ and were extremely encouraging of our work. It’s been extremely uplifting for me to see so many people appreciate our music and work with us to bring the vision to life.

From music production, writing to live etc., you have worked for every possible realm of music. Any sphere left to explore?

I come from the metal scene. Our DIY outlook has taught me a lot over the years. Apart from the fact that I’ve always been developing my songwriting skills, it was important for me to learn the ropes of music production to sustain myself as a full time musician. There is a sense of liberation you feel when you can actually execute your musical ideas into an mp3 or a wav. Having said that, my journey has only just begun and I’ve got a long way to go. When you’re a musician, the learning never stops, no matter who you are or how well you’re doing. I’m determined and focused on doing what moves me.  

Is there a scope for turnkey-music in India?

I’ve always believed that being able to do your own thing is a liberating feeling and I know this resonates with a lot of new age music producers and songwriters. The booming Indian hip-hop scene is the greatest testimony of turnkey philosophy. Kids these days are crazy!

What are your upcoming projects?

I am working on a full length album release right now and I’m down to the ninth track. One more to go and I should be done. I also play with Mumbai-based metal band, Providence. There’s a single release with them round the corner and we have also started laying down the blueprint for our album. Apart from the album work, I’m collaborating with some great independent producers on singles, which I have written and performed. This is different from the commercial production and writing work, I do. Seems like 2019 is going to be a fun and busy year!

Any advice for budding turnkey-musicians?

My only advice to any musician would be to #dowhatmovesyou. Seriously, don’t take no for an answer. Work towards your music with honesty and sincerity. Your hard work will always take you places.