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Interviews |  29 Mar 2019 18:01 |  By RnMTeam

Vh1 Listen is a vital platform to bridge the gap between artists and listeners: Lost Stories

Vh1 India who collaborated with Facebook earlier to bring Vh1 Listen aims to bring artists and listeners close and next is Lost Stories, whose performance went live today at 4:30 pm on Vh1 India. Marking a first-of-its-kind live music and interaction series on Facebook LIVE, Vh1 Listen does curate live gigs on their official Facebook page, with performances by renowned artists from across genres and locations, followed by an interactive Question and Answer session with the fans.

In an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, Lost Stories spoke about their association with Vh1 Listen, today’s performance and a lot more.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Vh1 Listen?

We are absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Vh1 Listen. It is a dynamic platform that connects millions of music lovers and offers a chance to delve deeper into an artist’s thought process during a digital performance. As we live in a digital world, such platforms are vital to bridge the gap between artists and listeners. We will be performing a live set for VH1 listen and the highlight will be our latest single, Mahi. The flutes in the track are also one of the highlights and listeners will get a chance to listen to the flutist play live during our set.

Any surprise that you are planning for your performance?

As mentioned earlier, our set is going to be Live for Vh1 Listen and some elements of our track Mahi are going to be played live, for example, the flutist who will be performing along with us for the track, Mahi. We also are unveiling a newer, unheard version of Mahi tomorrow, which will be yet-another surprise for the listeners. We will be showcasing some newer versions of most of our original tracks and the versions one will hear, at the live set tomorrow, will be exclusive only for this set.

What are the thoughts that come to your mind before a concert?

This will be the first time that we will be bringing out most of our studio equipment for this performance and that is something exciting and yet has to be a well-thought out move.

Can you tell us about your preparations for a digital performance?

The preparation for a digital set is very different as the artist does not have a live audience to catch a pulse of. The set and its progression have to be planned. We are excited to perform for Vh1 Listen and present our listeners with some exclusive, fresh versions of most of our original tracks.

 You have been in the Indie space for a long time. What would you like to say about the current indie music scene in India?

We believe this is one of the best times indie music scene has seen in the last decade. It is constantly evolving and the lines are blurring between indie and commercial music scene. It is a respite to see that a number of top labels are supporting indie artists and this, in turn, is helping the overall music scene, across India. We see tremendous potential in the indie scene and it will be bustling in the next five years.

A message you would like to pass onto budding singers who aim to make it big in the music industry

Our advice to budding singers is three forked:

-  Practice or Riyaaz every single day.

-  Collaborate with varied artists at every chance you get.

-  Promote yourself via YouTube and IGTV to build your fan base and increase your chance to be spotted by labels, producers, talent managers, etc.

What would you like to say to your fans ahead of your performance at Vh1 Listen?

We’d only like to say that get prepared for a musical experience unlike another, in the comfort of your home, office, car, etc. Also, of course, keep your earphones and headphones handy to thoroughly enjoy the musical journey.