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Interviews |  09 Dec 2017 11:22 |  By Mihir Samant

Ghazal is the next big thing in music field: Tauseef Akhtar

MUMBAI: It is hard to carry successfully legacy ahead, but the gift of original Ghazal music is being successfully carried by maestro Tauseef Akhtar. The singer himself is known as a new age Ghazal singer and has managed to attract the attention of the youth towards Ghazal.

Before making big into the Ghazal space, he was instrumental associated with Bollywood music. He has assisted the ace music composer duo of the 90s era Nadeem- Shravan, and has given some memorable musical hits like Dhadkan, Kasoor and many more.

Akhtar recently came with his new album called Aamad, a Ghazal album with new generation singers.

In conversation with Radioandmusic, Tauseef spoke about the current Ghazal scenario and also about his music.

Why are you called as the next generation singer, is there any particular reason behind it?

My music always has a contemporary vibe attached to it, which connects to the young crowd. In fact, there are young children from my son’s college who like to listen to my Ghazals and they keep listening to it. And I also belong to family of Ghazal singers, so I am carrying their legacy ahead. Both these reasons make me the next generation singer.

Do you find the Ghazal scene disappearing somewhere?

No, the Ghazal scene is nowhere disappearing; it is just the matter of demand and supply. There is lot of demand for Ghazal but there is no supply to it. Somewhere, there has to be a quality supply to meet the demand, and for that a new lot of artistes should emerge.

What is your thought on the changing music cycle?

The trend keeps on changing, there was a time when disco was in trend, then rap came and disco went, after that there was a time when melody came and rap went, so it goes this way that one thing comes and the other things goes out.

What according to you is the next big thing in the music field?

Ghazal is the next big thing in music field, because Ghazal is a form of music which will serve the purpose of the audience. Even filmy songs and poetry will be there in the big things coming up.

Which age music do you prefer listening to?

There is no such thing that I find songs better of a particular age, there are always good and bad songs in every age of music. There were good songs in older times, but that doesn't mean that there were no bad songs in that era, it also had some bad songs. Similarly the current age also has both good and bad songs.

Who is your favourite singer from the current times?

Arijit Singh!

Akhtar is also active when it comes to teaching; he has various students who are learning music from him. He also teaches kids from abroad who wish to learn the true musical art.

His recent album Aamad, associated with Hungama Music and Artist Aloud, is a new generation Ghazal album that features new generation ghazal singers. Voices like Roop Sagar, Vidhi Sharma, Sunil Sajal are a part of this beautiful album.

He also released his new single few weeks back called Wo Chilman Se, which featured the newlywed couple Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble and it got more than 40K views.

Watch the song here: