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Interviews |  08 Aug 2017 18:36 |  By RnMTeam

I love performing live and I can't wait to start opening acts: Ananya Birla

MUMBAI: Livin’ the Life was entrepreneur- musician Ananya Birla’s first step towards music, but her second single Meant To Be that released on 31 July 2017, sees her more in control of her music. Her music clearly indicates that she is meant to be in this industry and she definitely does not have any second thoughts about it.

In a candid conversation with, Ananya talks about her being clear of her sound, passion for music and taking the live route. Excerpts.

Tell us how did you put Meant to Be together?

I always knew that I wanted Meant To Be to be the name of my second single. It is produced by Anders, who goes by the name of Mood Melodies. The lyrics took about a month to write, and it just clicked once we entered the studio. We collaborated on the drop and wrapped up the recording all in one day. It was a great experience. I think I have grown a lot as an artist over the last few months and as a songwriter as well.

Did Universal Music, come up with the idea for your second single or was it your own?

Even though I came up with the idea for my second single, it would not have been possible without Universal Music India and the team. They put Anders and myself in touch. Devraj (Sanyal, MD & CEO Universal Music Group & EMI Music, India & South Asia) has really mentored me and I am very grateful and blessed to be signed as an artist with the label.

What new elements have you added to Meant to Be, things that you probably missed in your debut single?

The sound is completely different. I have found my sound now. You can hear my voice more clearly, the production is simpler yet catchy and it’s a song to lounge to while driving a car, rather than while partying in a night club. Even though Livin’ the Life will always be special to me as it was my first single, Meant to Be has a lot of more ‘me’ in it. It’s a better expression of myself. I think every song is unique and special in its own way.

You look way more confident in the video. What’s the secret?

I did a lot of performance training before shooting the music video, and it shows a side of me that viewers haven’t seen yet and hopefully will enjoy. There was this one scene where I had to put a whole lot of powder in my hair and flip it – it was loads of fun but an intensely gruelling schedule!

Mood Melodies -- the famed producer of the song Faded by Alan Walker -- has worked on your single. Were you excited to learn about him getting onboard?

Extremely! It was my pleasure. Our creative vibes came together very well and he gave me complete creative freedom.

What are your expectations with this single?

I think people will like this song very much. I also think they will enjoy the music video as the concept is a bit more robust and you can see more of me performing the song.

Your first single got you 5 million views on YouTube/Vevo. And a great number of downloads. Do you think Meant To Be will cross this mark that you set for yourself?

Yes, it will. I just know it. I hope people can relate to the song, and connect to it though- that means more than the numbers!

The first song is usually out of passion, but the second is said to be a calculative output. Is it that way for you?

Both are out of passion and authenticity. Creativity can’t actually be calculative. If that begins to happen, I will be scared. However, I got more clarity and found my sound as I made this song, which again was intuitive and felt right. Nothing has been calculative, but there has been an evolution and growth.

You've performed at live venues in the past. Are there plans of taking your music on the ground?

Absolutely! Very soon. I love performing live and I can’t wait to start opening acts and also touring. The thrill of singing live, and the atmosphere is so contagious. I remember when I used to gig during my days at university- that was my “Meant To Be” moment, performing and putting myself out there. There is something infectious about making yourself vulnerable to a crowd.

You've been managing three ventures and pursuing music. How do you balance it all?

Music is my priority as of now. Diary management and prioritising are extremely important. It’s a learning curve, and I hope I am getting better at it. I believe in the motto ‘live your work’ because I truly love it. I have an amazing team, so that really helps.

Are you also writing songs?

Yes, I write all my songs. I feel that it is very important so that one can sing it authentically from their heart, and give it everything. It makes a huge difference. I generally write from my experiences or other’s experiences that have impacted me. Whenever I get an idea for a lyric or a melody, I quickly whip out my phone and make a recording so I can go back to it later. For some

reason, I tend to write my lyrics late at night, with my guitar as my companion.

What's next for you musically?

Another song! I am already working on a number of them. I want to keep churning out music that can hopefully make people smile.