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Interviews |  31 May 2017 14:53 |  By Zinal Dedhia

I keep madly looking for that one new singer or composer: Mohit Suri

MUMBAI: Indian film industry’s renowned director Mohit Suri has give his fans soulful songs through his movies, be it ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’, ‘Aashiqui 2’ or ‘Half Girlfriend’ now. In fact, the songs of ‘Half Girlfriend’ created buzz much before the movie's official release.

Well, it seems Suri has a secret element that helps his songs be the talk of the town. Want to know what the secret is? Well, in an exclusive interview with Suri gave the recipe of his ‘secret sauce of success’. Excerpts.

Your films always have a rain song. ‘Half Girlfriend’ has ‘Baarish’.

(Smiles) So, every year my college would begin during the rainy season. College days are fun, that is probably the rain connect.Talking about ‘Baarish’, I had a huge crush on this girl back in college and I once watched her enjoy the rains and that led to ‘Baarish’.

What is the secret of hit movie music albums?

With all my movies I have made sure to launch one music director. I believe the new musicians have their ears to the ground, unlike me who is sitting in a high building.  I wouldn’t know what is happening on the floor because there is a distance. The new artiste's bridge this gap for me. It’s not a secret but a practice that I continue to do in all my movies. I keep madly looking for that one new singer or composer.

You’ve been scouting talent in association with EMI Records. Tell us a bit about it.

One fine day, Vinit (Thakkar, Senior Vice President Universal Music India -- EMI is a part of UMG) came up to me and told me, ‘you have been working with new artistes all the time subconsciously. Let us work on it together.' That is how the association happened.  The idea was to get new artistes on board, nurture them well and give them access to the industry.

We come across so many people who are running by our car with the guitar trying to pitch their music. So here, I have a team of musicians with tunes, or not, they at least believe they have tunes. But with all the team set up, I can get them to work with the biggest producers, whom they wouldn’t have access to.

So, it’s not just about scouting talent...

The idea with this record label is to not let the new talent crumble under big artistes.  We are trying to create a service where, if a film demands any particular music or background score, tell us your requirement and we will get the best music done from our team. We are trying to create that space where music is available to everybody.

How did you select the artiste for the film?

They are interesting stories. Let me share one of those with you. We were working with two women from which one ended up coming two hours late, which means she was surely not doing the song. Then Devraj (Sanyal, Managing Director & CEO at Universal Music Group, India & South Asia) suggested Anushka (Shahaney).  He said, ‘there is this girl Anushka from Pune who had taken part in a competition called ‘The Stage’ and that she is really good’. So, we called her and she was there in 15 minutes. We made ‘Lost Without You’, and the minute it was made I said I want this song for my movie,” exclaimed Suri.

Isn’t working with new artistes similar to opening a tutorial? Doesn’t that bother you?

Some people might think it is difficult, you have to be there all the time, but I like being involved in my music. The challenge is that they have great tunes but don’t know how to create it into a great song. I have access to these producers and musicians. I feel every new artiste should get an opportunity because it is high time.

You’re judging a dance reality show – Nach Baliye 8 – is a music reality show on cards?

I would love to judge a music reality show; it’s just that I have not been offered one yet. When Star Plus called me I thought it was for a music show but it turned out to be a dance show. I would love to do a singing show to groom new talent.