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Interviews |  19 May 2017 13:20 |  By Zinal Dedhia

When I sat behind the microphone, I was nervous: Salim Merchant on RJing

MUMBAI: Singer- music composer Salim Merchant's voice is truly magical. But, we get to hear his melodious voice only for a few minutes in his songs and the ends of his tracks leave us craving for more.  Big FM gazed this hunger and roped in Salim to RJ a show.

 #Salim is currently on-air. The show was officially launched at Big FM Mumbai studio. 

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The composer was filled with joy to have got the opportunity to be an RJ on the show. But reality hit him when he sat behind the microphone for the first time and felt nervous. “I never thought about being an RJ, in fact when the Big FM team approached me, I was super happy. But when I sat in front of the microphone, I was nervous. This is when I told myself that it was time to get my act together and make sure that I say the right things. Radio is an audio medium so, I had to be clear with my speech,” said Merchant.

#Salim is an infotainment show. The music composer talks about the trendsetting songs of Hindi Cinema and narrates interesting stories behind the creation of those songs. He also talks about the rare instruments used. There will also be some chit chat sessions with composers, iconic musicians in the future.

The show is also open to its listener’s feedbacks. The ones with an opinion are free to share the same on Big FM's Facebook and Twitter page with #Salim.

Most people believe that RJing is all about talking, but the profession demands a lot more than just that and Salim realized the same early. He also went on to confess that he took up the job of an RJ very spontaneously because he thought it would be a cup of tea.

 “Being an RJ was an eye-opener for me, filled with knowledge. I thought I will be able to do RJing quite well, but I had to pull up my socks and tricks, to speak clear and crisp. I had to prepare my speech, bring in the flow, be natural and poetic; most importantly I had to be relaxed to have a clear speech. The trickiest part is to speak and express emotions in such a way that the audience understands and imagines my thoughts. This opportunity has helped me not only with knowledge about the trendsetting songs but also changed me as a person,” explained the composer.

Furthermore, Salim also revealed why he hates the term ‘Bollywood’. He believes it is too cheesy and is taken up from Hollywood. He further explained that Indian cinema gives value to the extraordinary work done by them, the term ‘Bollywood’ does not.

After his recent work in the film ‘Poorva’, Salim is now busy working on ‘102 Not Out’ and ‘Chanda Mama Dur Ke’.