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Interviews |  01 Jun 2016 16:18 |  By RnMTeam

Our business does not allow us to be nervous or sad: Anuraag Pandey

MUMBAI: "Be with someone who can make you laugh when you don't even feel like smiling.” This quote well describes Radio Nasha's RJ- Anuraag Pandey who dissolves the listeners into laughter and illuminates minds with tons of entertainment.

Anuraag who has been in radio sphere for 25-years can be connoted as a synonym to Bollywood because of his humongous knowledge on the subject. He recently joined HT Media’s new venture Radio Nasha and the veteran RJ is more than happy to be a part of it. “The feeling of being a part of Radio Nasha cannot be described in words. It’s really superb,” said Picture Pandey.

The multi-talented RJ believes that it is his voice and style of presentation that connects the audience with his shows. “I can talk to the Prime Minister of our country with the same ease, that I would have while talking to the guard of a building," said the RJ.

The uniqueness of his show according to the RJ is its larger than life canvas. "My show is like a 70mm film screen, where I give out unknown facts about our Bollywood stars," explained Anuraag. He further added, “I also try and play peppy retro music on my show instead of low on energy or heartbreak songs."

Anuraag, a movie buff has also mastered the art of mimicking. This is one of the many arts that the RJ expertises at and this is also something that his fans love about him.

Like most celebrities he too has had his share of crazy fan moments. In fact, in his initial days, the idea of having a fan around him did baffle him, but not anymore. "I was too naive to understand why a person would just want to meet a Radio Jockey. A lot has changed over the years and now when a fan urges to meet, I make it a point to meet then. No matter how packed my schedule is,” added Anuraag.

Winding up, the enthusiastic RJ stated that he is always jovial. No matter how upsetting or aggravating a situation is, he never loses his cool. “Our business does not allow us to be nervous or sad that is why I never get those feelings. My anger is short-lived that lasts for less than 2-minutes,” ended Anuraag with a charismatic smile.