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Interviews |  29 Apr 2016 17:09 |  By RnMTeam

I have learned to fake happiness : RJ Sid

MUMBAI: Kanpur wakes up to exuberant  RJ Sid, Big FM's morning show host who livens up prime time with his 'Kanpur Khaas' from 7  am to 10 am Monday through Saturday. 

In a candid interview with, Sid shares his journey in the world of RJing. Excerpts.

Tell us about your journey with Big FM. How did you land up doing RJing?

It started in 2011 when I used to be a banker.  I always had a keen interest in arts, but ended up graduating in commerce. I got my management degree and went on to work with a bank in Dubai, but did not give up my interest in arts and in anchoring shows. Once one of my friends in event management took me to an event where an RJ was needed to fill in for someone who had not turned up. I lent my voice for the event and later someone approached me, asking me to meet up the next day. I forgot about it, but was reminded again by a call from the station. I went to the Big FM studios for an audition, cleared the interviews and cracked it. It's 2016 now, and I am still not bored.

You are known for the way you capture the pulse of listeners through your show. What do you think is that one element that strikes a chord with the audience?

One element is that I am very well informed. If I have to say something, it should be credible and people should not need to to Google for it. I try to catch the pulse in town, internationally, nationally through media, Twitter or through my research. That connects people to me.

How important is your contribution in the scripting of a programme?

In the metros, there is a show producer and an RJ. The producer makes the entire show and discusses with the RJ and then the RJ gives his/her input. The ideas and concepts belong to the RJ and the entire homework is done by the producer. Of course, there are exceptions like Annu Kapoor's and Neelesh Misra's shows. Apart from such shows, all others are quite non-scripted. Big FM does not have producers for each show. Therefore, the entire show is my brainchild.

What would be the one thing you would like to change on your show?

I sometimes wish for a co host on my show. 

Are early mornings a problem, since you host the morning slot?

I used to love sleeping late in the mornings. But when I lived in hostels, I was forced to wake up early. In Dubai too, the day starts at 7 unlike in India. Now I am used to it. The thought of motivating people makes me go to the studio up and early.

An RJ is required to be happy and cheerful the whole day. How do you manage the enthusiasm?

I have learned to fake it. There was a friend of mine who died in an accident on the Yamuna Expressway in a car crash. Before leaving Kanpur, he called me from outside my office to meet me before leaving. I demurred, and asked him to meet me on his way back. But that was not to be. The next morning, I went to the studio and that was the first time I was not able to fake my emotions. At times, I do not have a choice if something bad has happened.

Tell us about one crazy fan moment.

There are lots of funny ones. There is one guy from a village near Kanpur. He has been calling me every morning for the last three years. He says he begins his day by calling me!

Then there is this girl who calls me and starts with ‘Hmmmm’. Every time she calls me with different filmy names but starts the conversation with ‘Hmmm’.

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RJ Sid in one word- Calm

One thing you love about Kanpur- Food

One Thing you hate about Kanpur- Traffic and lack of manners

Favourite female RJ-  Sayema from Radio Mirchi

Favourite Cartoon- Tintin

Twitter or Instagram- Twitter

One song stuck in your mind- Kabira

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