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Interviews |  19 Feb 2016 16:18 |  By RnMTeam

"I would love to shoot a video in India": Edward Maya

MUMBAI: Edward Maya has not only led the Romanian EDM revolution; but also shaped an uprising around the world with his spiritual and groovy compositions. In this interview with, Edward Maya talks about his life, the music, the inspiration behind his music and his upcoming projects.

Why it is important for DJs to have a ranking system?

For a music producer or a DJ to succeed, it is important to have the ability to put heart and soul into their work, in their music. Today, everyone sounds the same, the music sounds the same. But it is just one moment when you can find the connect; you have the vivid music that has life in it.

Which area of EDM are you putting more effort into?                  

EDM is like a wave, it has the characteristics of waves. Then again, my music is not similar to the usual EDM. It is electronic music, but my music is little different. It has soul and heart in it.

What motivates you to create such amazing numbers?

I do believe in God. God motivates me and he inspires me to create such numbers.

Who are the artists you are currently listening to?

I am a huge fan of Vangelis, the Greek composer who has a spiritual way with music, Klaus Schulze, modern artists like Chemical Brothers, Coldplay and U2.

Any upcoming projects you want to talk about?

I have liked the recent video of Coldplay, which was shot here in India. I would like to have a video shooting in India, but more authentic. I feel they just put the exterior side of India, they were not into it. It was all about the commercial things that everybody knows about yoga, spirituality in India. But, I believe, India is beyond that. I would like to have that opportunity to work with Indian actors and musicians. It can always bring something new.

You have your own record label, Mayavin Records, tell me something about it?

The name Mayavin means ‘the master of Maya’. Maya is the illusion and Mayavin is the master of illusion and magic. I’m very happy that I’m an independent artist. This allows me to follow my inspiration. Following your heart is very important.

Any advice for those who want to start their career in this particular area?

I wish to do some workshops regarding Electronic Music around the world where I can instruct passionate people to be a good music producer. This is very simple; you don’t need to know the theory of console operation or need to put in a lot of orchestras. The catch and the secret are awakening the heart. As I said, an excellent artist needs to have the power to put life in the music. Because it is very easy to learn how to deal with the music programmes, but it is very hard to create vivacity and put life in music.

Edward Maya will play at Dublin Square, Phoneix Market City, Kurla tonight at 7 pm.