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Interviews |  15 Jan 2016 12:36 |  By RnMTeam

There are people in the industry who lower your morale : Anusha Mani

MUMBAI: Singer Anusha Mani is slowly and gradually making her mark in the music industry as also in the hearts of music lovers. She has lent her melodious voice to some of the most celebrated Bollywood numbers like ‘Tera Rasta Chhodo Na’, ‘Zara Dil Ko Thaam Lo’ and the latest ‘Gulabo’. The song has also got her a Filmfare nomination under the Best Female Playback Singer category.

However, her growing popularity and success has just made her more humble. Putting it all in a crux, she said, “I have made some great friends in the music industry. I have had both good and bad days and this is what has kept me grounded. I appreciate it all.” She further added, “Post ‘Gulabo’ people are eager to hear my next song. But I am not sure as to how it will be promoted. I just hope people hear it.”

Talking about her personal singing choice Mani said, “I am most comfortable singing romantic songs. But as a singer I cannot decide on the kind of song I want to sing. I was lucky to get ‘Gulabo’. I got the opportunity to sing the song because of Amit Trivedi.”

This may sound ironical, but the fact is that Mani prefers listening to sad and philosophical numbers. “I am an old soul,” quipped the artist. However she is not a depressed soul. “I am a happy-go-lucky person. I do not let things or people affect me. There are people in the industry who lower your morale . They just like the idea of putting you down. It has happened with me in the past and it keeps happening. The best way of keeping yourself out of it is by being busy. So, I usually continue with my work and I don’t take such people’s comments seriously,” said the singer.

Elaborating further on de-motivators, Mani said that there have been times when she has been told that “she is not great” to her face, also that she does not have the “talent that one needs to make it big”.

“I do not want to prove a point to such people. If they have a problem with me it is their problem. I have met some great people in the industry like Sachin (from the Sachin-Jigar duo). He was the first one to give me a break in playback as a chorus singer and I will always be grateful for that. Amit (Trivedi) has scolded me at times for not giving my best and I am thankful for his honesty,” said the singer.

Mani is also a writer. She uses her talent to write lyrics and poetry in her free time. She also uses this art to detoxify herself from all the negative energy. “I write a lot. I put it all on paper. Every time I am frustrated about something, I put it down, and it helps,” revealed Mani. She further added, “I also have a dog at home and spending time with him too makes me happy. I feel the most therapeutic thing that you can do is spend time with your pet.”

However, it’s not too often that Mani finds herself in a low zone, for her family and friends don’t let that happen. “I have a great support system in my family and friends. I believe that no matter what you do, at the end of the day your relationships matter the most. It makes it all worth it.”