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Interviews |  24 Nov 2015 18:44 |  By RnMTeam

RJ D.T: I know that I want to be an RJ all my life

MUMBAI: Being a regional radio station jockey can sometimes be testing for those who love stardom and fame, but for someone who finds joy in simply being associated with radio, it is bliss. RJ D.T. is one such lucky RJ, and he is one man that the region of Siliguri knows well. The RJ runs a morning show ‘Misty Subha’ with RJ Bhavna on Radio Misty.

In conversation with RJ D.T. talks about his eight-year journey with Misty, a rather candid incident and more.

When did you being your journey as an RJ?

I worked as a travel agent for five years before becoming an RJ. However, one thing that I always had in me was the need to interact with people. I could always talk to anyone and everyone. Fortunately, lady luck knocked on my door through a newspaper ad in Kolkata. The ad featured openings for RJs for a new radio station. But, trust me the idea of me being an RJ did not click at the time. It was a friend who dragged me for the interview because he wanted to be an RJ. He was all formally dressed for the occasion. Since, I was only going to hang around the place, I chose to go in my shorts. So, while I was waiting for my friend to get done with his interview, I complemented a beautiful looking woman’s fashion sense, and in return, she smiled at me. But the wait seemed so long that I considered doing the interview too. Interestingly, the lady I complimented turned out to be the interviewer, and even though I was not aptly dressed, she allowed me to give the interview and I managed to clear it.

So, complimenting her worked for you?

(Laughs) I believe my talent worked for me. So, after the selection I was sent to train as an RJ for the next seven to eight months. Soon after I started working as an RJ for Radio Misty. I have completed eight years with this radio station and the journey this far has been amazing.

Commitment as long as eight years is a rare thing to find. Did you have to work hard to stick around?

I know that I want to be an RJ all my life. No matter which radio station I move to, I will be RJing. But, yes running a show on one subject can get boring, but we never let that happen. ‘Misty Subha’ has always been a mix of different topics. We do not do the same things on our show over and over again. Creativity and innovation are the key ingredients of our morning show. So, there is no space for boredom or monotony. In fact, I love running my show. My main aim of running this show is to bring a smile on the faces of my listeners. That is what motivates me to keep going.

So, would you try your luck at acting or in any other entertainment-related field?

You can never predict the future, but frankly speaking, I have not thought about acting. I use to act in plays while I was growing up, but it was always limited. Moreover, I think radio is far better because there is no one to direct you every second. You are free to speak your heart.

What are the plus points of being an RJ in Siliguri?

For me it is about staying really close to my family. Had I been working in a metro station, I would have missed my family. Plus, I am a local here, and that helps me connect with people better.

Is there anything that you believe should change on radio?

Radio has a lot of restrictions. So, I believe that it should get some more freedom of expression. Private radio stations should also be allowed to give news updates.