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Interviews |  26 Oct 2015 19:26 |  By RnMTeam

I used to show people flats because I had to pay bills: RJ Alok

MUMBAI: RJ Alok, a B.Tech by education, but an RJ by profession, is an extremely hardworking personality. He believes in putting 100 per cent in all that he does and that is what has helped him make a mark in the industry today. Currently, he works as an RJ and journalist with OYE! FM. However, Alok wants to reach greater heights and set new records on his personal graph by venturing into writing and acting. 

In conversation with he talks about it all. Read on.

Tell us a bit about your journey?

I come from a small place in Varanasi, Obra. So, after clearing my 12th exams I moved to Delhi to take up mechanical engineering. While I was studying there, I took up a job as a freelance reporter at a radio station. I use to work there for free because I really liked the job. In fact, even as a kid I used to participate in children’s program for AIR, something that fetched me two hundred and fifty rupees a month. 

When did you bag an actual job in Radio?

In 2006, which was after graduation; I had to make a choice between being a mechanical engineer or an RJ, and I chose the latter. After making my choice I started auditioning, and fortunately bagged a job at News 24 groups ‘Radio Dhamaal’, Noida. I was moved to Hisar, Haryana and Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh by the same station within a year. Later I switched to Bhaskar Groups’ My FM. 

How did you end up coming to Mumbai?

I had been waiting to come to Mumbai for a long time, and one fine day, I took the leap of faith and came down to the city. Since I did not have a job in the city when I came here, I had to struggle for a good eight months until OYE! FM happened. I used to live in a small flat with about eight or nine other people, and worked as a lyricist cum broker. I used to show people flats because I had to pay bills, every month. 

How has your journey with OYE! FM been?

It is going great. Apart from being an RJ, I also report for OYE! FM’s news portal. 

Do you enjoy on field reporting?

When you meet a celebrity face-to-face, you also get to observe them as they interact with you. This makes reporting an event even better. Apart from that, on field reporting also helps you add more content to your social networking pages. Something that is really necessary in this age of digital media. So, I do like going out of the studio and meeting celebrities. 

What topics should an RJ be careful about when on-air?

An RJ should not show too much love or affection towards a particular cast or creed, for as an RJ, one has to treat all religions equally. The best thing would be to just avoid such topics. One should also keep away from talking about political parties, especially when they are not well exposed to it. I also think you should not speak about topics that you do not have complete knowledge about. 

Which topics work really well on radio?

Cinema, cricket and contests work really well on radio. Apart from these, personal connect matters the most. One has to make their listeners feel like you are talking to just them. 

What are your future plans?

I feel there is no limit to creativity hence; I would like to explore new avenues. I am currently trying my hand at writing and acting. The truth of the matter is that anyone can become an actor these days, so I would like to try my luck at that too. I have always believed that there is no harm in trying new things.