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Interviews |  13 Oct 2015 15:59 |  By RnMTeam

I would like to do a complete comedy show on radio: RJ Krihpa

MUMBAI: Hosting three shows- ‘Cinemascope’, ‘Kisu Kisu Gutha’ and ‘Kollywood Talk’ – on Suryan FM is a clear indication of RJ Krihpa’s multitasking abilities. In addition to being undoubtedly talented, she also claims to have a great deal of luck, which is why, she says she has never had to face rejection. Krihpa, who has been at Suryan FM for three years now, once took a break from RJing, but found herself back at the station because she thinks of the network like her family.

In conversation with, Krihpa talks about breaking into the radio industry, her journey and more.


When and how did you start your journey as an RJ?

I was in my second year of college when I happened to attend a competition held in our college by an FM station. Interestingly, I had just accompanied a friend who wanted to participate in the competition, but ended up winning it. Although I found the profession extremely fascinating; I had never thought that I had that spark in me. But, the competition turned out to be a morale booster. After winning the competition I went straight to Suryan FM for an interview, and luckily I got selected for their weekend show. At the time, I was the only RJ doing live shows on weekends. I did that for one year then took a two-year study break, after which I went back to the station. 

Was managing college and a job difficult for you?

Fortunately, I have family and friends who are extremely supportive of me. So, while it was difficult to balance the two, my family was always backing me. I was barely at home; Monday to Saturday used to be my college days and I used to work on Sundays. My grandmother used to pack food to keep me running through the day. As far as my friends are concerned, they have always seen me as a celebrity. They always introduce me as RJ Krihpa, and I really like the gesture.

How do you handle three shows?

It is not all that tough because my producers help me with them. They give me enough good content to run the shows. Even the time frames of these shows are different – ‘Cinemascope’ runs from 11 am to 12 pm; then there is ‘Kisu Kisu Gutha’ which is from 6 pm to 7 pm, which I do with my co-jock RJ Navalakshmi. So, I have enough time in between the shows to prepare for them. And my third show ‘Kollywood Talk’ runs on Saturdays so it does not clash with the others.  

Do you like going on-air live or you prefer recording the shows?

Live is challenging, while recordings always allows you rework your mistakes. And although you can get retakes with recorded shows, I prefer live. It is not easy to go on-air live, but once you get it there is nothing like it.  

What do you like about RJing?

People wanting to listen to my voice, is something that I like the most. I believe that everyone can talk well; but not everyone can make a listener at a bus stop feel like he or she is the only one you are conversing with. Rjing is about connecting with people. Very few people have this ability, and I am lucky to have it.

Would you like to enter a different genre of Rjing in future?

I am happy with the shows that I am doing at the moment, but there is this stereotype that girls cannot do a comedy show. I would like to do a complete comedy show on radio. I want to explore that genre.

What about acting?

I would not want to take it seriously, but I would like to have small roles in films. I have acted in short films earlier hence; I might do a decent job in films.

What is your take on the never ending ad break on FM stations?

Ads are the main revenue of the station, so you cannot eliminate them, but we can reduce them. A listener tunes into the station to listen to the music and the RJ, so the ads can be a bit too much. One can either reduce the number of breaks or split them into eight parts, instead of four. That way the ads will not seem like a marathon.