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Gadget |  17 Feb 2017 15:57 |  By RnMTeam

Reliance Digital launches Reconnect Jive Wireless Speaker

MUMBAI: Reliance Digital introduces Jive, the super cool wireless speaker from Reconnect. It’s attractive looking and delivers a stellar performance with 70W sound output and some very exciting features like LED flashlights, built-in FM, powerful bass, two-way placement and much more.

Know more about ReconnectJive Wireless speaker specifications and features below.

Reconnect Jive Wireless Speaker has power output (RMS) of 70W, and the Satellite Speaker is 3-inch x 2; whereas the Subwoofer Speaker is 6.5-inch x 1.

The frequency response of the satellite speaker is 170 Hz – 10 Hz, and the subwoofer speaker is 18 Hz – 130 Hz.

Easy to use, Jive Wireless speaker has power input of 230 V/50 Hz, and the main unit size is 550 x 215 x 300 mm (W x H x D). It contains wireless connectivity, one USB port, one SD card port, one 3.5 mm AUX Input, one 3.5 mm DVD Input, also built-in FM.

Additional features include powerful bass, LED flashlights, two-way placement, and remote control.

Watch the video: