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Gadget |  24 Nov 2016 19:12 |  By RnMTeam

ENRG forays into the mesmerizing world of virtual reality

NEW DELHI: November 23, 2016ENRG, a global leader in innovative consumer tech brands has announced the launch of its new VR Headset. The headset features inbuilt headphones and also sports PMMA lenses with adjustable focal length and pupil distance for eye safety and enhanced viewing comfort for the users.

The glasses in the headset are embedded with ABS + PC eco- an eco friendly material coating. The 42mm diameters lens also helps reduce eye strain and glare for a comfortable viewing. Further more ENRG has also stressed in making the headset extremely light weight with adjustable head support and foam face cushioning, making it compatible for every consumer.

It also furnishes an expanded field view, spanning around 90 to 110 degrees, fetching a fully immersive viewing experience of images and videos like never before. 

The headset is suitable for many popular smart phones in the 4” – 6” inch display category with a width of not more than 82mm.  Offering a one year warranty, it is also packed with AR effect window for experiencing augmented reality.   

Key Specifications of VR Headset:

  • Comes with attached PMMA lenses with 42mm large lenses, for a holistic viewing experience 
  • Compatible with Android & iOS devices with length between 4” – 6” inches and width not more than 82mm 
  • Lightweight and portable allowing you to enjoy your VR on the go 
  • More than 90 degree field of view for a more immersive experience 
  • Features in-built  headphones 
  • 1 year warranty on the product