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Features |  26 May 2018 15:04 |  By RnMTeam

Bollywood singers share their thoughts on recreations

MUMBAI: Music industry and Bollywood, today, is struck with the bug of recreations, a trend that remoulds the original iconic songs, which are offered in a modern packaging to the current generation. Though a good way of introducing youth to the musical treasure of the past era, recreations have also garnered criticism from veteran music composers and lyricist like Javed Akhtar, who have criticized labels for killing the essence of the magnificent original creations. Javed Akhtar had earlier sent a notice to the makers of the recreated version of Ghar Se Nikalte Hi for muddling with the original lyrics of the song that were written by him. So, we at Radioandmusic thought of reaching singers and music composers to know their opinion on the current trend of recreations.

Salim- Sulaiman 

Listeners today are very in tune with remixes of old Hindi film songs, which I really feel sad about. We are somehow cutting the creativity and the fact that we can create original music.


I think the song has to sound nice. One should not forcefully recreate for the heck of it. If you recreate songs beautifully, both the audience and the original creators will be happy.

Guru Randhawa

I don’t feel like recreating anybody’s song, but the ones who are doing must ensure that they do not break the heart of the old audience connected with it. So, I personally feel that the original singers of the song must be asked to sing its recreated version. There is an emotional connection with these iconic songs as many have grown up listening to them. Also, they may or may not like the remix version.

Akhil Sachdeva

I’m actually good with it as long as there is no change in the originality and natural essence of the song. I don’t say recreations should not happen, but not for the mere hit making that actually fails most of the time. Those iconic songs were very big and it is essential for our generation to know them and that should be the reason for recreating them and not for mere business just to jump into a trend.

Sukriti Kakar

I have actually sung three recreations myself. I would say that it has both pros and cons. As much as I love original songs, I also believe that recreating songs help in making the younger generation acquainted with the iconic songs, which they might have never heard of. But, also the music composers should ensure that they do not muddle much with the legendary songs and let the original core of the song be present even in the recreated version.

Tony Kakkar

To be honest, everything is a business. If there is a song, whose recomposing can become a profitable success to the music industry, then why not?

Shahid Mallya

Recreating songs is actually an easy money-making way, which is not good. People have grown up hearing some iconic songs and have their emotions attached. On hearing the song in somebody else’s voice would actually confuse people.

Arko Pravo Mukherjee

I don’t mind as recreating songs is a trend today. I have earlier sung covers of Salaame Ishq and Aaj Phir Tumse Pyaar Aaya, but I have stopped for two and a half years as I want to focus on original music.