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Features |  19 Oct 2017 07:00 |  By RnMTeam

Bollywood singers share childhood Diwali memories

MUMBAI: Finally the festival of lights is here! Diwali is a festival which is very close to all, the festival which not only brings happiness but also lightens up the lives of the people. Festivals also take you down the memory lane. For, many best festive moments are the ones in childhood. So, we connected with a few singers to learn about their childhood memories.

Let’s have a look at the childhood memories of singers -

Pankaj Udhas:

During childhood, I was a very naughty child, so I had this habit of lighting a cracker and putting a tin on top of it. So, one day I did the same thing, but somehow the cracker that I had lightened did not blast, so I went to check what was wrong. The cracker blasted the minute I bent to check it and it hit my head, leaving a big scar on my head. I also miss my parents during Diwali.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya:

We never actually celebrated Diwali as others used to. We did not have the capacity to buy the crackers back then. So, we would watch others celebrate Diwali. I miss the Diwali which we used to celebrate in Kanpur. We celebrated it very traditionally by buying mitti Ka khilona (clay toys), and new Ganeshji and Lakshmiji’s idols with my mother.

Shibani Kashyap:

I fondly remember the Diwali that I had celebrated with my entire family. We have a big family house at Mussoorie and my whole family had gathered to celebrate the festival. We had placed decorations and diyas in the whole house and the whole place looked like a palace. It was the winter time, and we were all sitting outside with a bonfire. We did some cooking in presence of local villagers who had come and to perform on various folk songs.

Paroma Dasgupta:

The best thing that I liked about my childhood, during Diwali was bursting crackers. We used to burst a lot of crackers in our lane.

Amit Trivedi:

During my childhood, I with my friend used to stay up all night bursting crackers. I also remember waking up early in the morning and wearing new clothes. We used to also, visit people’s houses to wish Diwali.

Aaman Trikha:

 In my school days, we were into bursting all kinds of crackers like pistol crackers, phool-jhadi, snake crackers, anaar, chakri, sootli bomb, rockets, different aerial fireworks etc. They used to be a fascinating competition amongst us friends regarding who will be having the most diverse and fancy collection. It used to be fun.

Shilpa Rao:

I miss my Diwali of Jamshedpur, where all my family members and friends used to visit my house.