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Features |  08 Sep 2016 18:56 |  By Kavita Yadav

Does the net-savvy audience demand creative song choreography?

MUMBAI: In this tech-savvy world, reactions are instant. If your product is good, it will receive accolades in the fraction of a second. But if it is unsatisfactory, it will face scathing criticism. The social media active audience is ruthless. That leaves the creative lot with no option, but to constantly stay on its toes. 

Do today's songs and their choreography too witnesses the same? Well, the answer definitely appears to be, yes. Stars, singers, composers, film producers - all brag about their songs reaching millions of views on their accounts. But it is the audiences  who finally give their verdict on YouTube and other social media. 

The recent song to have mounted this rollercoaster with composure is 'Beat Pe Booty'. So, what was it that really worked in the case of this particular song? What made it 'viral', a term that every music composer wants his song to be associated with. 

In this case, it was some refreshing choreography with a 'Beat Pe Booty Challenge'. The song did have a few elements that set it apart from a usual Bollywood number. As Rahul, one-half of the choreographer duo Rahul & Paul explains, “We tried bringing in a green set up in the song from the usual club atmosphere. Plus we also went on to use a lot of laser in the video.”

We agree that the ‘Beat Pe Booty’ video does stand out from the rest for the way it’s choreographed. But, the challenge too created its own magic. “We started the challenge on a friendly level with us challenging each other. Suddenly everyone was taking it up,” laughs Rahul.

Though, Rahul makes it all sound easy, do things really happen sans a marketing strategy in the entertainment business? Especially, with those e-eyes following every song around the clock. Do they just let you walk on rose beds without getting pricked? 

Looks like our choreographer community is pretty optimistic here as Dharmesh Yelande of ‘ABCD’ and ‘ABCD2’ fame states, “At times things getting viral is not in our hands. In ‘Beat Pe Booty’ songs case, that’s exactly what happened. Tiger (Shroff), Remo (D’souza), and Shakti (Mohan) challenged Raghav (Juyal) and he challenged me. Suddenly, everyone started challenging each other. Something like the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. We don’t think that was planned by anybody. It just went viral.” Actor-choreographer Dharmesh will soon be seen in ‘Banjo’.

We do agree with Dharmesh to an extent given the fact that everything is public on the social media circuit. Thus, 'Beat Pe Booty Challenge' did not take much time to reach every corner of our nation. 

However, this does not mean that the job of a choreographer has got any easier. Atul of the Atul-Karan duo states that the songs and their choreography are changing at the moment. Everyone is working towards weaving a visual story with the music videos making it back. “Therefore, there is a lot more choreography to do in comparison to 10 years ago,” stated Atul, who has been choreographing for rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh with Karan.

Raghav Juyal who rose to fame with DID (Dance India Dance) and is currently busy with acting and reality shows too seconds Atul’s thoughts. “Choreography has evolved so much after DID. However, I just feel that your hook step should be something that can be picked by both a kid and an old man,” stated the dancer. Sounds like a wise mantra for success!

However, Dharmesh believes that hook step for every actor would be different. “Salman (Khan) and Hrithik (Roshan) will have different hook steps. Govinda would have different because their dance styles are different.”

At the end of it Rahul sums it, up by saying that, “Visual appeal contributes to a song's success."

We will have to agree with Rahul, after all, he did make the nation dance to his hook step from 'Beat Pe Booty'.