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Features |  18 Aug 2016 12:44 |  By RnMTeam

Five things only Nucleya can do

MUMBAI: Nucleya, the king of bass, is set to launch his new album ‘Raja Baja’ in a unique style that has left fans drooling in anticipation. But Nucleya has always done things in style. Here, we review similar unique efforts executed by the Delhi-based music producer. And, let’s not kid ourselves, no one other than Nucleya can come close to achieving that!

‘Raja Baja’ album launch at NSCI Dome

You know that it will be an evening filled with bass music and electronic sounds when Nucleya is on the decks! The musician took to his social media pages to announce the event details of the album and, believe it or not, it only took 20 hours for the show to be sold out. Of course, it's a free event, but it’d be safe to say the reaction would not have been any lesser for a ticketed effort too. NSCI Dome is usually utilised for multi-starrer line-up events (for example – Don’t Let Daddy Know), and the fact that a single artist could sell-out an entire stadium only spells good news to the evolving music scene of the country.

‘Bass Rani’ album launch at Ganpati Visarjan procession

If you thought the upcoming promotional gimmick for the album launch is unique, wait till you hear how the artist executed his debut album launch, this time last year. In September 2015, Nucleya released the album ‘Bass Rani’ during the Ganpati Visarjan procession. The set demanded something ‘street’, and Nucleya complied. A giant truck equipped with sky high speakers and featuring visuals by Saurya Sen, who is also known as ‘Oblique’, and an opening set from Su-Real and Alo Wala, Nucleya carried out the album launch amidst thousands of people. Similar to ‘Raja Baja’, even the first album was witnessed for free.

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First Artist-in-Residence of a streaming service

Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya announced his brand new partnership with Saavn as their first Artist-in-Residence in April, 2016. According to Nucleya, Saavn has acted like a record company for him. With this collaboration, his music can be heard in several countries and he can also collaborate with several artistes, curate playlists of his own and so on.

Hitting the business

Nucleya is India's first home-grown artiste who is a brand to boot. His merchandised goods are widely popular among the young generation. The badman of Indian bass music has offered a wide range of t-shirts that reflect the vibes of his music. His official Koocha Monster T-Shirt, F*Ck That Sh*T T-Shirt is something you can’t afford to miss!

Women’s Day Bash

Nucleya is known for breaking the barriers and stereotypes related to sound. Dressing up in a saree on Women’s day is not a matter of joke for a chap. Admittedly, it was a part of the endorsement of his last album, however, an artiste needs the right spirit and chutzpah to carry out such ideas.