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Features |  17 Aug 2016 13:42 |  By RnMTeam

This Rakshabandhan, go the 'Angrezi' way to impress your siblings

MUMBAI: Hey, you brothers and sisters; this 'Raksha Bandhan' we have something special for you. Dump the usual, try something new.

For boys we have some advice - there were many times when you played the guitar just to impress a random girl. This time, pick up a guitar and touch the chords of your sister's heart. Sing for her with an outburst of love and yes, do not forget to take a gift along, because no matter what, girls love gifts.

And yes!! dear sisters, don't just tie a rakhi, tie a bond with the help of music. Try one of the songs from the list and sing it loud for your brothers.

Sister-The Dave Matthews Band (Rock)

A track that depicts the pure relation of a brother and sister and a brother's tribute to his sister. The song is all about these emotions.

Oh, Sister - Bob Dylan (Folk Rock)

"We grew up together, from the cradle to the grave"

What beautiful lyrics. This once can surely go for a fantastic dedication.

You've Got a Friend - James Taylor (Rock)

This song undoubtedly depicts how ideal is the relationship of a brother and a sister. How a brother protects his sister being her friend.

Whenever You Remember - Carrie Underwood (Country)

In the song, a sister is recapping the moments and times that she has spent with her sibling. You too indulge in the moment and remember the times with your brother.

Sister - The Nixons (Hard Rock)

The song pictures the situation where long distances do not matter or affect the love of siblings. A sibling calls her/his sister and says, ‘Sister I miss you, sister, I see you’. No matter how far you are, you are always there in my mind.

Brothers & Sisters - Coldplay (Rock)

The truly beautiful song is about the importance of togetherness and unity of siblings. When together, they can face all the troubles. There might be times when you feel low, but brothers and sisters always keep each other strong.

We Are Family - Sister Sledge (Disco)

A true family oriented song, where all are happy and celebrating with family and friends. The song is about a person who feels blessed to have loving sisters. The song can also be the best choice for a group brother sister dance.

I Learned from You - Miley Cyrus (Pop)

This is a song how a sister shares her learning experiences from her brother. How she refused to take her command but at last believes, it's his brother who knew well for her than she herself.

Little Brothers - Phineas and Ferb (Pop Rock)

This cute composition is for the sisters with younger brothers. A sweetly written soundtrack where a sister is addressing her younger brothers. She loved her brothers unconditionally even if they used to tease her in various ways; like breaking her toys or disturbing her by making noise.

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies (Oldies- Rock)

The classic song sheds light on the purity of brother/sister relation. The song expresses the feelings of a sibling who not only loves his/ her brother but also is ready to take care of him throughout the life. As he is not a burden for him/her.

Happy Rakhshabandhan Folks!!!!