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year ender |  28 Dec 2022 12:42 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Year end story: See what Shreya Sharma, Shrey Gupta, Vismay Patel, Sourav Ray, Vasu Kainth and duo Vicky and Tejas has to say about 2022

MUMBAI: As we look forward to 2023, we look back on a few important music moments that defined and shaped 2022.

Radioandmusic got in touch with songwriter, performer, composer and producer and singers Shreya Sharma, Shrey Gupta, Vismay Patel, Sourav Ray, Vasu Kainth and duo Vicky and Tejas to know how 2022 treated them, and their bucket list for 2023.

Singer Shreya Sharma says, "2022 was a great year for me. I had my film debut with “Dupatta” song in Jug Jugg Jeeyo and it crossed over Millions of streams across platforms (8.4M+ on Spotify alone). I hope that 2023 holds more music, more travel and more of connecting with all the people who listen to my music, so that’s all for my bucket list."

Shrey Gupta, Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar player & Singer Song Writer says, "2022 was definitely the year which helped me channelise all my energy into working. The year has been super challenging, full of surprises, helped me realise a lot of things as an artist and a human being. 2022 was definitely one of those years which helped me gain a lot of experience, as I’ve done a lot of collaborations and played in some projects this year. I also started working on my originals so. 2023 is the year where I plan to build my identity, diversify as an artist and set foot in the singer songwriter zone. Looking forward to bigger projects, bigger collaborations and much more learning. Let’s hope I’m able to only better things by the end of 2023”.

"2022 was wholesome. I witnessed my music reaching and being loved by millions of listeners organically. This exposure presented exciting experiences and opportunities for me to interact with my audiance. For me 2023 is going to be all about inspiring alike Indie artists and keep experimenting with my music to keep my listeners entertained with fresh content”, says Vismay Patel, Singer - Songwriter, Performer, Composer and Producer.

Vasu Kainth, Singer, Performer, Creator and Independent Artist says, "The year 2022 was quite significant for my musical career; it offered me a lot and taught me a lot. I had my first gig, reached 100,000 followers, and learned a lot this year! Overall, I had an extremely successful year.

For me, 2023 will be about releasing original music, putting out an album, reaching 500k Instagram followers, sell out show, sending my parents on a trip abroad, and traveling."

"2022 was full of exciting opportunities and experiences that enhanced my artist instincts beyond my expectations.

It was a delight to watch people groove to my music live and on social platforms. My listeners have contributed massively in amplifying the reach of not only my Lofi remixes but also my original tracks.

As a result, for the upcoming years I look forward to keep working on my original content and ensure that my audience is entertained with fresh”, stated Sourav Ray aka Gravero, Songwriter, Music Producer and content creator.

"2022 was us gearing up for take off. We had an opportunity to meet and work with very promising artists from the industry.

Here's wishing 2023 will be us waving down from the sky and hoping to expand our listener base and creating quality content for them”, concludes Vicky and Tejas, Indie- Duo creating Multi genre music.