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Give it up for Raagdari GENNXT - Parampara Ki Nayi Soch

MUMBAI: Indian classical music finds its audience base across generations and an upcoming musical event, Raagdari GENNXT - Parampara Ki Nayi Soch, will be a day-long celebration of Indian classical vocal music. The event presented by Grace Foundation will be held at the iconic Prithvi theatre on 9th October 2022, featuring young and talented artists who represent the next generation of classical music.

The festival is called Raagdaari to drive home the significance of preserving our musical tradition by young artistes. A raag is rendered keeping in mind the Taal, Gharana, style, time, and emotion. What makes an artiste stand out is the imagination and distinct approach that he or she brings to this blend. This is the essence of raagdari which has the power to stir the soul of a person and transcend time for the moment.

What makes the event special is the fact that new talented vocalists from different gharana’s will present an amazing spectrum of ragas letting the music connoisseurs experience the serenity of classical music at the coveted Prithvi theatre in Mumbai,  a venue that’s known for its acoustic setting. Unlike most music events that feature microphones and sound enhancers, Raagdari will take place without any microphones or amplification. This rarely-held presentation gives the audience a unique listening experience.

The day-long event by GRACE Foundation is curated and managed by Pancham Nishad an expert in the field of Indian Classical music Events. It will be held on Sunday, 9th October 2022, from 7.30 am to 10.30 pm.

There will be 4 sessions of Vocal performances throughout the day with a pre-set repertoire to give you a wholesome experience of the myriad, vibrant Raags.

· Session 1: 7:30 AM featuring 

  Noopur Gadgil & Nagesh Adgaonkar

· Session 2: 11:00 AM featuring 

  Shruti Vishwakarma & Aditya Khandwe

· Session 3:   4:30 PM   featuring  

  Rutuja Lad & Gandhar Deshpande

·  Session 4:   8:00 PM  featuring 

   Bhagyashree Deshpande & Siddhartha Belmannu

Mr. Shashi Vyas, Director of Pancham Nishad says, “In today’s day and age, it is necessary to preserve our rich cultural heritage along with the need to have more patrons and audiences, it is the need of the hour to encourage new talent to carry the tradition forward.”

Tickets for the event will be available on

Quotes of the artiste

It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of Raagdaari Gen Next. Understanding, and imbibing the values passed through our taleem is a continuous process. Gharana Gen Next is an opportunity to engage, and appreciate the fundamentals as well as the fluidity of the diverse musical traditions of Hindustani Raag Sangeet - Rutuja Lad

The Raagdari concept merely says classical music which consists of Raags, Bandishes, and its various forms like Khyaal, Tarana, Tapkhyaal, etc. Grace foundation along with Pancham Nishad is organising a day-long event of Indian classical music called Raagdari, in which eight different artists of different styles of gayaki will be presenting their art. This will be a purely acoustic Classical Vocal Music concert in Baithak style which is a rarity. The tradition of Baithak in Hindustani Classical music involves the artists and the listeners coming together in an informal setting in a relatively small closed space. The idea of Baithak is that the listeners get the taste of music from close corners.  - Noopur Gadgil

Any artiste would be honoured to perform in a place where art is accorded the highest respect. The theatre itself is like a sanctum sanctorum for artistes, and the disciplined approach of the institution is a role model for others to follow. After all, as any Indian classical music connoisseur will agree, the objective of art is not merely to entertain, but to elevate both the artiste and his audience to soulful aesthetic experiences. It will be with much pleasure and happiness that I will perform in Raagdari - Bhagyashree Deshpande

Indian Classical Music is one of the finest ancient art forms in the world. Raagdari, is literally interpreted as “that which colours the mind,” The power of a raga composition lies in its ability to evoke emotion that captivates listeners. 'Raagdari Gennxt' is a wonderful opportunity to witness the divinity and versatility of Raag Sangeet. It's an honour to be a part of this project. – Shruti Vishwakarma

I am extremely happy and excited to perform in the “Raagdari Gennxt” event curated and managed by Pancham Nishad and Prithvi theatre. It is indeed an honour to be a part of the grand event which consists of only young vocalists. As it is my 1st performance @Prithvi. I am really excited about its acoustics and mainly because it will be a mic-less performance, which is a challenging task for all performers. This event is going to be a daylong event with 4 sessions so its big news for music lovers - Gandhar Deshpande

“It always feels good to perform for Pancham Nishad due to the unique themes they conceive while planning and curating concerts. I’m really excited to perform for “Raagdari -Gennxt”; a full-day classical music event - Aditya Khandwe

Raagdari is beautifully conceptualized by Pancham Nishad. I feel this show will be an extravaganza of soulful music throughout the day with a presentation of different ragas, where all young minds and young voices come together to create a beautiful experience for the ears. As I will be performing at Prithvi theatre in a fully acoustic environment it will be quite a challenge for me to perform mic-less. As I only sing mic less in my practice room. I am sure you will feel nostalgic as Baithak and Mehfil scenes are coming back and I am super excited to be a part of this event. – Siddharth Belmannu