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Review |  02 May 2009 18:33 |  By chiragsutar


Label: Saregama,

Rating: 2.5/5,

Music: Ashu, Roshan Machado, Mahesh Shankar and Shamir Tandon

Yet to be released â€?99' would be perhaps remembered as a film which got 100 % caught in the multiplex towing. However, the music of the film is already out and has multiple composers like Ashu, Roshan Machado, Mahesh Shankar and Shamir Tandon at its helm. Ironically, not all songs click and the album ends up being an unhealthy mix of good - and some disappointing tracks 


Ashu of Ashu-Dhuv composes two songs on the album – Delhi Destiny and Kal Ki Tarah (more on the latter later). If there's one song which takes the cake on the album – it has to be Delhi Destiny. The song is melodic, catchy and competently delivered by saregama finalist Raja Hassan. The lyrics are penned by newbie Vaibhav Modi – applause! The song is gripping right from the first note to the last – keep your finger on replay.

99 Theme Song is a head-banging number, but you won't be able to head-bang for long because just when you get into the groove, the song ends! Composed by Roshan Machado, the song features newbie Bonie Chakraborty on vocals. However, it seems like a great groove and hook got ignored – never mind, don't miss the well timed guitar screams.

Fast Forward

Kal Ki Tarah composed by Ashu is a dampener to say the least. The song has Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan doing their usual pop stuff that will put you off – you might catch a quick nap instead. Vaibhai Modi's lyrical efforts too go waste – the song simply fails to hold.

Soch Mat Dobabra has hip-hop elements mixed with cha-cha. Amitabh Bhattachraya (of Dev D fame) pens the lyrics. The song has a middle-of-the-road tune which doesn't offer much to the listener. Bonnie Chakraborty sings the track in semi spoken way – good for a single listen – literally speaking, soch mat dobara of listening this again 

Now comes "Wassup?" - Do you get irritated when people casually come-up and ask obvious questions like these? Add some creative element by back answering them or rather singing Shamir Tandon's â€?Whats Up' and you'll never be bothered again. The song is a fun number done by Sunidhi Chauhan and K.K  - a good rhyme for your wild mood. That's  all!

There isn't much to say about Punjabi Size sung by, Labh Januja, K.K, Kalyani and Roopa – the track composed by Mahesh Shankar is again a run-of-the-mill Punjabi number we have been listening for ages. To say the least, fast forward.