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Features |  12 Aug 2008 11:15 |  By RnMTeam

The Power to Bajaao

MUMBAI: First it was Sush, then it was Kats and joining them were millions of Mumbaikars who wholeheartedly supported us in our endeavor to make a difference in the society.

The story of raising and bajaaoing social issues began long back but took shape last year in the form of Bajaao For a Cause. This was on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of my show, Morning No.1, when I decided to take up the cause of underprivileged children of CCDT (Committed Communities Development Trust). I asked Mumbaikars to open their hearts and pledge to educate these children so that they could look forward to a better tomorrow.I didn't know what to expect in the beginning, but my listeners came through and offered immense support in the form of pledges worth Rs. 14,00,000 towards the education of the kids. The ultimate reward was the smile on the faces of these kids and this is what encouraged me to go one step further and do something similar on the 3rd anniversary of Morning No.1.

This year, we hope to grant wishes of children living with life threatening illnesses. We have associated with Make a Wish Foundation who have done amazing work in this area. Not only my listeners but also the Bollywood brigade like superstar Katrina Kaif, Rakhi Sawant and Himesh Reshammiya have supported our cause in different ways, like meeting the kids and buying them expensive gifts, etc. We have seen heart rending moments, when listeners with financial constraints have also contributed generously.

It's at times like these when you realize the true power of the medium in your hands. Radio has taught me a lot over the years, like how to think on my feet, how to turn around the bleakest of situations and how to, sometimes, laugh at oneself. It has also shown me what a huge impact my words can make and as a radio jockey, it is of utmost importance to make that emotional connect with the listeners- to make them realize that you care about their situation and views and that you want to be a part of their lives. It is this connect, coupled with the love and affection of my listeners which has enabled my show Morning No.1 to become the numero uno morning show of Mumbai for more than 45 weeks. Over the years, my profession has made me realize that as an RJ you are not just some faceless voice¦rather, there are people hooked on to your every word and you have the power to move them, to make them sit up and take notice and act!

Red FM has a very interesting position, when it comes to issues that matter to the common man. We don't claim to be activists rather we try and bajaao issues in a way that will definitely make the concerned authorities take notice¦It might not cause a revolution, but at least, it will make some more people aware of the situation in hand. We did that recently with our Vote for Boat initiative, where the idea was to make enough noise about the fact that Mumbaikars now need boats to survive the monsoon, which was saying a lot about the condition of Mumbai in the monsoon.

Whether it's taking the cause of an underprivileged child or of a regular Mumbaikar, all these things have certainly enriched my outlook towards life and made me thankful for the things I have in life¦.more so for the fact that I have a medium that lets me express myself and make an impact in the life of others¦I owe a lot to the power of radio.

--- Malishka