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Press Release |  23 Dec 2006 03:31 |  By RnMTeam

Music Director Ravi Pawar all set to launch Intenational fusion band

Mumbai: Ravi Pawar, A violinist, pianist, classically trained singer, good at percussions and generally good in all instruments. His musical journey began at a very young age under the strong discipline of his father PT.Kailash Pawar and Guru Sh. Ralla Ram Ji.

Basically he is a composer and music conductor. He started his musical journey by creating music for Jingles, Tele Films and serials, later he switched over to music albums. His very many albums released by various music companies like Magnasound, Times, T-Series include the albums for Sonu Nigam...Yeas, Sanskaar and Mausam (Bijuria Bijuria Song) & all the albums of Daler Mehendi (Raja meyan chhad do yari¦.), Shweta Shetty (Deewane ye Deewane toa Deewane Hein¦), Yesu Das, Bali Brahambhatt, Tanya etc. He has composed music for films like Oops, Tum Bin and his forthcoming films are Ek Se Bure Do, Tarannum and Wafaa.

But his musical instincts always yearned for something new and creative. He has always been fascinated by the charm of world music. What attracted him the most was the study of various styles and genre of music which made him sometimes compose symphonies at other times explore jazz, blues, African, Irish and Arabic music. After a deep research he has come up with his own kind of music. These days his heart and soul create music, which is a beautiful mix of all forms of music with a dash of Indian ness in them.

His stage performance includes his violin recital which he plays in both Indian and western styles coupled with piano and his singing skills simultaneously. He does all this with such dexterity and finesse that it`s unbelievable. One can say it`s a "ONE MAN SHOW`` where he does all three things singing, playing piano and playing violin all by himself at one go. The way he blends all three is incredible. Now he is all set to launch his own band called fusion band this is for the first time ever a composer, a singer, a violinist and a pianist... Combo is launching a band He has been performing this style on stage quite recently and the feedback is overwhelming.

Ravi Pawar is a terrific composer. He is a genius but everything happens only when the time comes. He is aware of all the latest in sound techniques. He knows what will appeal to people and what will not. He is very versatile and different. As long as he does not repeat himself, nothing can stop him from reaching the top. Moreover, he is extraordinarily creative, a man who has been inspired and blessed by God. He is the perfect bridge between today`s technology and Indian music. He has the soul of Indian music inside and there is a lot of engineering and recording talent in him. He is able to blend the two together with a great perfection.

His wonderful trio of singing, violin and piano. Watch him perform and savor this new distinct style, which is so melodiously captivating that, it will leave you spellbound.

The speciality of Ravi Pawar`s Fusion BandRHAPSODIC Drizzle/ tributefrom son to father this is the most touching piece of music set in bhairavi which defines the maestro Kailash Pawar`s (the father) kind of music. The violin runs in 3 octaves slightly tilting towards the thumri style and the jazz style one by one. The table played in teen taal with base guitar lending the required tone and depth. More Indian in flavor yet the 3 octave noted giving a symphonic feel to the entire show. It`s a saga of the maestro`s unheard music which is so beautiful. MOZART PLAYS KHAMAJ/WIND CHIMES BY THE RIVER VERY VIBRANT, very infectious, smiling, pacy yet pleasing, very soul lifting khamaj never ever heard in this fashion, the superlatives never seem to end when u hear this music. The use of electric guitars, keyboard, in jazz, tabla very much in sync with base guitar and keyboard notes. The ``avrohatmak notation ``typical style of Kailash Pawar which no one can follow shows the mirth, joys, laughter of life through music. The use of 13th advanced chords and sharp 5 chords can lift any soul to unscaling heights of happiness. 1) Adriatic Waves: A rare style of "chhand vidya" based on raag Nat -bhairav blended with viloiln, guitar and vocals sets a very light and frothy mood. The musical notes flow instantaneously incorporating vocals in jazzy fashion and followed by keyboard solo. Main melody is based on contemporary style.

2) Lady in White/Tranquility in Moonshine :Raag bhimpalasi never looked so beautiful and regal then this number when piano notes made a mark straight on the heart in deep rich and natural raw and hard bow of violin sounds. It has a jazz flavor yet so Indian. The violin played in major 7s and piano slightly and deliberately off the key. The vocals make a cascading effect. The tranquility of violin is at its ultimate. Violin is played in all 3 scales gives an immense range of the violinist. 3) Enigmatic Malkauns/Oceanic Waves:More of techno style expresses today`s times, its pacy,racy and fast .very contemporary music at times showing the anger,pain,frustration feel based through vocals yet at times shows a willingness to come out of his confusion. It showcases the ray of hope also through violins and keyboard. It`s a beautiful mix of pain and hope.