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News |  04 Oct 2014 23:10 |  By RnMTeam

Armaan Malik: I am here to change the indie scene

MUMBAI: 19 year old Armaan Malik intends to change India’s indie scene. He recently released a video for his single 'Le Ja Zakh Tere', and was extremely overwhelmed with the response he got for it. The song is composed and written by his brother Amaal Malik, and is the second single from his debut album 'Armaan'.

On 'Le Ja Zakhm'

The song ‘Le Ja Zakhm’ did extremely well on iTunes and other streaming sites, so I thought of putting up a video while touring the UAE for my gigs. I had my pro cam and my band, so it was easier for us to shoot. The song is about a break up and I did not want to portray the usual girl and boy fighting. It had to be more about me, my loneliness and my music. We selected a few locations while travelling, and on the go. We also shot a few scenes in the desert, which has taken the song to a different level altogether. The best part was even my mentor, Sonu Nigam, liked the song. A lot of people complimented me on the expression I gave in the video and that was because each one of us has that one broken piece in our hearts. Even I had experienced a break up at the age of 16, so yes it is an expression that all of us have connected with. That is the primary reason why the song is liked by everyone.

The present indie scene

According to me, the indie scene in India can only improve if we have an independent music industry. Today the major chunk of music is Bollywood and this is why independent music does not improve. India can also produce a Shakira or a Taylor Swift or that big star that will represent Indian music. I always wanted to get into my personal space; this is why I planned to come up with my music. I mean people like Sonu Nigam have come up with albums, but have never seen the light of the day. I wish to become that star for India, which we never had.

Relation with mentor Sonu Nigam

Having grown up listening to Sonu Nigam’s songs I still get speechless when I meet him. I can barely say anything to him as I admire him so much that even till this date; I get stumped by his presence.

Handling pressure of expectations

Hailing from a musical background I do face pressures as I am under constant scrutiny. When I was 12 years old, my song in ‘Bhootnath’ was redubbed but ultimately my voice was retained as according to Vishal Shekhar, I had a better voice. Actually it is a myth that people have that it is easier for me to get work in the industry as I come from a musical background. I have faced the same struggles like anyone else pursuing a career in music. In my opinion, talent is what actually matters in Bollywood. No backing can help you get work. I have been training in Hindustani music since the age of four and I do my riyaaz daily, so I leave no stone unturned for my music, which is the most I can do.

Current projects

I have recorded a couple of songs one for Salim Sulaiman and the other for Shakar Ehsaan Loy. Also I am also shooting a couple of other singles from my album.

Leisure time

I am currently pursuing my B.Com from Mumbai University and I have so much to do throughout the day. 80 per cent of my day revolves around music and when not recording or not performing, I love catching up with movies. I also love playing lawn tennis because that was the only sport I was good at. I played tennis for a while but then it got lost amidst music, studies and other activities. My favourite tennis player is Roger Federer. I also follow cricket, but not extensively and I adore Virender Sehwag for his aggressive batting style.