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Wajid Khan: "Working for Salman Khan is always fun"

Even though the current music scenario is dominated by western influences, musical duo Sajid-Wajid has ventured down a different path with their latest film ‘Dabangg 2’. While their tracks in the film created a rage and even fetched them host of awards, the expectations from its sequel have doubled bringing with it a set of challenges for the composers. But inspite of the obstacles, the soundtrack opened to rave reviews from the audiences and is expected to top the charts in the coming weeks.

Indulging in a quick chat with’s Chandni Mathur, the duo talk about their latest film ‘Dabangg 2’ and the experience of composing for Salman Khan yet again.


How was the experience composing for Dabangg2?

Sajid: It was a great experience. Actually the biggest fear was challenging our own self and that was tough. We had unbelievable fun doing it. But it was a really crazy challenge from within, and my father always used to tell us that there is no competition. The only competition is from within and with your own self. This was the project were we realized this example and went ahead with Dabangg.

Wajid: The experience was very good and working for Salman Khan is always fun yet exciting. We were doubly excited this time as Arbaaz Khan was directing. The intensity to be more creative and do something different was high. T-Series is also playing a fantastic role in building up the brand of the film so it’s all team work. If you have good content, you need a proper channelizing for it to go out.

Considering this is a sequel, what were the nuances you had to keep in mind while composing?

S: We had thought about it the time when we saw the first Dabangg, that one day this will come up. When Arbaaz bhai came into the picture we really got excited and he gave us so much freedom to compose however we wanted. And we went haywire, we wanted the little fragrance of Dabangg in this film too, so we have kept a little shade on the music and at the same time we have tried to diversify the entire position and arrangement to a different level.

W: The film is an extension of the first part. So, the film was same but challenges were different. We had to keep the characteristics of the lead, locations and more in our minds to bring the feel of the character people liked in Dabangg. Though the songs are totally fresh, yet you should be able to feel that this is the soundtrack of Dabangg. The album has got Indian classic melodies yet it is very instrumental, classical music. That was very important to maintain as mostly in films now there is Punjabi, English lyrics modifying a simple song, making it complicated and difficult to understand. We have kept the use of language simple, poetic and appealing through the sounds we have produced.

Tell us more about the tracks.

S: We made them very romantic, hilarious and naughty. It’s a blend of Chulbul Pandey’s character.

W: Each track has its own USP. ‘Dagabaaz’ is the song which reminds you of the classic melody and it’s the romance between a couple after marriage. After singing ‘Tere Mast Mast Do Nain’, now the character has a small lovers tiff with his wife and sings ‘Dagabaaz Tere Nain’ penned by Sameer Anjaan.

Another track is ‘Pandeyji Seeti’ rendered by me which is making a rage. The lyrics have been penned by Jalees Sherwani along with which we have a very wacky arrangement, yet it’s an Indian folk song. We have also brought back Munni as part of another song which features Malaika Arora Khan again. We have utilized the essence of Indian folk music in all our tracks through the character, location and culture of the movie. There is another track ‘Fevicol’ sung by Mamta Sharma and me which features Kareena Kapoor and is a item song. It has a good combination of music, lyrics making it humorous and appealing.

There is also a romantic track ‘Saanson ne Baandhi’ by Tulsi Kumar and Sonu Nigam which has been penned by debutant Irfan Kamal. Apart from that we have ‘Dabanng Reloaded’ written by Jalees Sherwani. Overall the album caters to all kinds of audience in different situations. The kind of response we are getting is overwhelming.

The title track was rage earlier in the film, which song do you feel will create a rage this time?

S: God willing the soundtrack will be bigger than the first one. It is on the same line and it’s touching the same areas, so you will come to know the difference.

You have also retained the phrase ‘Hud Hud Dabanng’ in a song? Elaborate

S: This was the beautiful line my grandfather used to tell us when we were kids and used to irritate him. He would say ‘Hud’ accompanied by a bad word. We did not take his bad word but took his expression. ‘Hud Hud Dabanng’ is actually a remembrance to my grandfather. The day we recorded the first song, my grandfather expired on the same day. Here, I was doing my grandfather’s cremation and there Wajid was doing the recording. We believe in one thing that ‘show must go on’. We are responsible for someone’s work and that’s what our grandfather wanted so ‘Hud Hud Dabanng’ is for you.

W: We have used it as it became very famous but we composed it differently. It features in the track ‘Dabanng Reloaded’ which is a new song altogether but the highlight point of the song will be when this phrase comes in.

What is the kind of response you are receiving on the soundtrack?

S: We have started getting the feedback and I am not worried about the result. Only thing is that we worked hard and we worked from our heart. If people like it, we are happy. If they don’t like it we are very happy. End of the day you are the owner.

W: People like the album and we can hear the tracks being played everywhere. We are getting calls from different people complementing our work. That is the best part of any album, when it comes out and people start talking about it. We really worked hard on the songs and were clear in our approach on how to present the songs.