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Interviews |  29 Nov 2007 16:14 |  By RnMTeam

Shaan - 'I will be back in the next season of VoI'

Shaan, the singer with the mellifluous voice and captivating smile has become the face of television in his latest avatar as host. Undoubtedly one of the reasons behind the popularity and success of Voice of India, the music based reality show, Shaan was loved both by the contestants as well as the viewers. Since then it's been a long journey for Shaan. It was way back in 2004 that Shaan began his association with Gajendrra Singh which culminated with Voice of India.

After a run of eight long months Shaan, has decided to quit. Tellychakkar spoke to the singer cum host about the reason behind his quitting and his plans ahead.


Why did you quit Star Voice of India-Chottey Ustad?

I have not quit Voice of India; it's very much a part of me. The show is very dear to me. I have just taken a break of three months. I wanted sometime for my family and I also have my shows lined up in the month of December and January.

What are you planning to do in these three months? Are you signing any movies?

See, these two shows Star Voice of India and Star voice of India - Chottey Ustad were to be aired back to back. There was just a two days gap before the shooting had started and I needed a break as my shows were slated in the month of December and January. As far as films are concerned I don't think any director can complete a movie within the span of three months!

Go on…

You know when I was doing Zee's Little Champs, my kids used to complain that Baba is always with other kids and he has no time for us. So I thought that it's high time I spent time with my family. I also feel strongly for the kids, participating in the show, who are too young to handle the enormous pressure of giving in their best performance and facing the elimination round. I think it gets too hard on those kids at times.

So any other reality shows?

No, I am going to be there only for Voice of India. I am not doing any shows for any other channel.

When did you convey your decision to Gajendrra Singh?

It's been a while. He knew it from the start. Shooting back to back with no gap was taxing for me, so I decided to take the much needed break and Gajendrra ji knew about it.

Don't you think its going to harm the show?

No, I don't think so. My predecessors who were hosting Zee's Sa re ga ma pa were all popular. When I left Zee after Little Champs and Aditya took over as host, he made the show popular. He is doing a great job. I think the success of the show primarily depends on the talent of the contestants and the rest is secondary. The kids in Chottey Ustad are enormously talented.

Would you be filling in at some of the episodes?

Yes, definitely. I would appear in the show and those appearances are going to be the surprise visits to the kids in the show.

Would you be helping Gajendrra Singh in the selection of the new host?

The host has already been selected. Abhaas Joshi (one of the participants from Amul Star Voice of India) is going to take over. He is just 17 years and looks like a kid himself and so he would gel with the participants very well. Also not to forget he is very talented. This time the show would not run for a span of six-seven months. We have just cut down the show to three months and only final 12 participants would be participating. (As we tried confirming the news about the replacement, both Gajendrra Singh and an inside source did not confirm the reports and assured that they would declare the name of the new host only next week).

News is in the air that you had quit because you were not satisfied with the production team, regular catfights amongst the judges, and your pay package?

No, not at all. I would want you to clear the air. As far as the pay package is concerned I was paid whatever I demanded. I am very happy with the production team too; it's like my extended family. About the judges, they are very senior to me. I know them all and they are fabulous people. So all these reports are wrong and have no truth in it.

Are we in to see you in the next season of Star Voice of India?

Yes, I will be there in the next season of VOI.