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Features |  24 Nov 2010 11:26 |  By RnMTeam

Radi-oh!: RJ Manisha, Radio Misty: Introvert in a dream job!

I was born in a border town called Jaigoan, which is very close to the India-Bhutan border. Radio happened to me suddenly. I had left my place to pursue graduation in Siliguri, the largest city of the region. Here, while studying,  I got into the habit of listening to radio, as all students do.

I was just 18 years old, and my habit of listening to the radio had me dreaming of becoming a radio jockey. Never knew my dream would come true some day!

I was always inclined towards music and when I was just 8 years old, I had taking Indian classical vocal classes. I was amongst the top five contestants who were selected in the Himalayan Singing Competition from Jalpaiguri district, held in Gangtok, the state capital of Sikkim,  in 2005, where I made it to the semi-finals.

Soon after, I applied for the post of Radio Jockey in Radio Misty,  the first FM station of the region,  and was called for auditions. I was very nervous, but my classical music background helped me and gave me strength -- I was selected for training!  I was so happy that day, I wanted to dance! My friends were amused.

After a long and arduous training,  the avatar of Manisha came about  Hmmm… RJ Manisha! Sounds great to hear it every time! And I set a record of sorts, for being the youngest Radio Jockey of the region. It sounds great when you are rubbing shoulders with other celebrity Radio jockeys,  whom I used to listen to daily 

It's great to work at Radio Misty because it is the most popular FM station of the region; that makes me proud! I host Misty Masti, the 5 to 8 pm prime time show Mondays to Fridays, and the Sunday Breakfast.

The work pressure can really get to you sometimes, but it feels great to be loved by the listeners; and this industry is so full of life! Radio Misty has supported me to balance my college and professional life.

I think I am a complete performer, and love to be on the console, and only show. It gives me immense pleasure to host such a show, and I feel privileged to have been associated with it for almost three years now. Actually, I'm an introvert when not on air, but as soon as I am behind the microphone, my whole being transforms and there I am, enjoying connecting with my listeners as a radio host! I sing a lot too, and this has helped me host the show.

Radio could be a great carrier opportunity for talented people,  and trust me it could be a lifetime carrier opportunity,  contrary to the belief that it is just a part-time job. India has more than 200 radio stations and this is expected to increase, so the future of radio definitely looks promising.

At Radio Misty we receive lot of texts and mails but above all my show receives more than five hundred letters and cards. It sounds great when you read this letters and listeners takes so much pain to write this letters. This Letters and cards are displayed at our studios and Office giving a great feel.

Most people believe being a radio jockey is easy, but let me tell you it's one of the most challenging jobs because you have to keep yourself updated on various things like music, sports, fashion, films and other issues of civic importance that affect people's lives locally and regionally; even nationally. We radio jocks have to have keen an eagle eye on everything around us. As a famous jock once rightly said, we jocks could find content for our shows even in a �thonga' of �jhalmuree'. It is said that radio is a blind man's television so everyone can easily imagine how much effort needs to be put into making a picture where no physical canvas exists.

My one passion is singing, and I do that a lot. Riyaaz too, daily. At home and office. People love to listen to me, and I consider this a real gift! Let me sign off with something I believe in, I do every day, and which is also my station's line: Gungunate Raho!