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Interviews |  05 Oct 2007 14:43 |  By RnMTeam

Music director Siddharth - 'It's important to be different to be noticed'

The music industry is a mother that welcomes every child with a warm hug. Though there are established names in the industry, it is always looking for something 'new'. Every film needs to be different in relation to its music. The recent track that is on every college goers mind is 'Dum laga' from Dil, Dosti, etc….

The music of this film has been composed by the duo Siddharth Suhas, who have been around for a long time but have shot to fame with this flick. The duo has also composed the hit track Sinine Sinine from 'Jawani Diwani' and also for songs from films like 'Aryan' and 'The Film'.

One half of the duo, Siddharth, chats with's Sonal Tirthani
on their journey so far…


Where did your encounter with music begin?

I've been musically inclined ever since I remember. Suhas and I know each other for the last 23 years of our life (laughs aloud). We were each involved with our respective college bands, but we kept in touch. Finally, we began our own band called 'Vedic Chant' in 1996 and that was around till 2001. We did a couple of albums with labels such as Times and Archies. We have also composed jingles for a lot of brands such as Pepsi, Dettol, Philips, Hindustan Lever, Set Wet, Ebay, Ponds, Sunsilk and Pan Parag.

What made you make a shift to Bollywood?

We are always keen on doing something new. As we saw the scenario for film music changing, we decided to try our hand at it. We believe in doing something we like and we something we believe in. Since we were getting good offers for films and we were getting to experiment with different genres of music, we thought, why not?

Dil dosti etc…. how do you think the music of this film is different?

When we started working on the film, we were given a brief by the director that the music should feel young and youth should be able to relate to it. The director, Manish Tiwary, had a lot of preconceived ideas about the music of the film. It was a little bit of a task to keep up to his expectations, but I'm glad we could do it. The music is different in terms of its feel.

How difficult is it to break into the film industry which already boasts so many established names?

It is difficult to break through in this industry, but there is space for everyone. I would say it is difficult to get the 'right' break as there is a flow of talent in the industry. But then we have been lucky to be recognized. It's also important to be different to be noticed.

You've got big singers like Sunidhi Chauhan to sing the songs in Dil Dosti etc . How difficult is to get them to agree?
Ooooh, it is not at all difficult…! All the singers are professionals and are brilliant at their work. Sunidhi is a fabulous singer and is a milestone in the industry.

Is it better to get new singers to sing your compositions?

Yes completely, we always insist on new singers for songs we compose. It gives the new singers a break and we get a fresh sound for our song. I'm glad the Indian audiences have been open to new singers since the last two years. There is so much of talent in the country that needs to be explored.

Suhas and you are singers too. Are you open to singing for other composers?

So far, we have only sung our own compositions. Though we have got offers from other composers, we were keen on developing our own brand first. We have a lot of friends in the industry like the duo Vishal-Shekhar and Bappi Lahiri. We would love to work with them eventually.

What is your take on television reality shows? Have you both been a part of one ever?

Reality shows are more of entertainment than actual talent hunts. They are more of gossip generators than talent generators. We have never participated in any of them. Though we were offered something just recently, we are still thinking about it. If the show is in truly a 'reality' show, we will take it up.

What can we expect from you two in the future?

There are a lot of projects we are working on, including the music of a movie 'Rama Rama kya hai yeh drama' starring Anupam Kher, Neha Dupia and Rajpal Yadav. The other one that will be out soon is the album of the movie 'Brahm'. We are also planning to come out with an album, though nothing is decided yet.

How is the music of your upcoming films different than the previous ones?

We have never done or taken up films of the same genre. Each film's music that we have done is different from the other. We always do songs and music we like. If Suhas and I don't like a song, we just don't do it. We do the compositions only when we believe in the songs we are doing!