Awards:18th September 2021, 4.30pm Onwards
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About Us

Indiantelevision Dot Com Group's presents to you The Clef Music Awards our very first edition of a one-of-a-kind celebration which would be an annual presentation ceremony to honor and respect the music accomplishments by performers for the year 2020. This will incorporate musicians, lyricists, composers, bands, record labels, from the Hindi & English language music fraternity pan India. Classified into 50+ categories, The Clef Music Awards will honor music talents. Noteworthy names from the world of music will mark an attendance and conclude the event with some mind-boggling performances raising a toast to the talented achievers.

The Clef Music Awards believe in raising a toast and adding a silver lining amid this COVID-19 pandemic onto the lives of these talented professionals who rigorously work hard and live up to the spirits of entertaining the audience.



  1. Devotional - Best Music Composer
  2. Devotional - Best Vocalist

Inspirational - Best Lyricist

  1. Inspirational - Best Lyricist


  1. Spiritual - Best Music Composer
  2. Spiritual - Best Song


  1. Jazz - Best Artist
  2. Jazz - Best Music Producer
  3. Jazz - Best Song


  1. Rock - Best Music Composer
  2. Rock - Best Music Producer
  3. Rock - Best Video
  4. Rock - Best Song
  5. Rock - Best Artist


  1. Folk - Best Song


  1. Pop - Best Album
  2. Pop - Best Artist
  3. Pop - Best Lyricist
  4. Pop - Best Music Composer
  5. Pop - Best Music Director
  6. Pop - Best Music Producer
  7. Pop - Best Song Engineer
  8. Pop - Best Song Producer
  9. Pop - Best Vocalist
  10. Pop - Best Song
  11. Pop - Best Video


  1. Ghazal - Best Album
  2. Ghazal - Best Lyricist
  3. Ghazal - Best Music Composer
  4. Ghazal - Best Song
  5. Ghazal - Best Vocalist
  6. Ghazal - Best Artist
  7. Ghazal - Best Video


  1. Electronic - Best Music Composer
  2. Electronic - Best Song
  3. Electronic - Best Artist


  1. Rap - Best Artist
  2. Rap - Best Song
  3. Rap - Best Video
  4. Rap - Best Album
  5. Rap - Upcoming Rap Artist
  6. Rap - Voice of the gullies(RAP artist of the year)

Hindustani Classical

  1. Hindustani Classical - Best Artist
  2. Hindustani Classical - Best Lyricist
  3. Hindustani Classical - Best Music Composer
  4. Hindustani Classical - Best Music Producer
  5. Hindustani Classical - Best Vocalist
  6. Hindustani Classical - Best Song
  7. Hindustani Classical - Best Music Video


  1. OTT - Best music
  2. OTT - Best Background score (film)
  3. OTT - Best Background score (Series)
  4. OTT - Best Title Track of the Year
  5. OTT - Best Music Composer
  6. OTT - Best Music Producer
  7. OTT - Best Song Engineer
  8. OTT - Best Song

Popular Choice

  1. Popular Choice - Best Live Act
  2. Popular Choice - Best Video Music Platform
  3. Popular Choice - Best Solo Performance in a Music Video
  4. Popular Choice - Best Breakthrough Song of the Year
  5. Popular Choice - Best International Act in India

Rising Star

  1. Rising Star - Indie Band
  2. Rising Star - Upcoming Vocalist
  3. Rising Star - Innovative Lyrics

Listener's Choice AwardsVote now

  1. Most loved duo to feature in a music video
  2. Most stylish musician of the year
  3. Indie Musician of the year
  4. India's favourite Rap artist
  5. Best music artist collaboration
  6. Best music duo
  7. Trendiest song of the year
  8. Most loved Female Artist of 2020-2021
  9. Most Loved Male Artist of 2020-2021
  10. Our All Time Favourite musician
  11. Popular K-Pop Artists- 2020-2021
  12. Popular International Artist- 2020-2021


Aashish Rego

Hon. General Secretary, Music Composers Association of India

Atul Churamani

Managing Director

Turnkey Music & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Dony Hazarika

Music Composer, Music Producer and Sound Engineer

Julius Packiam

Music Composer

Justin Yesudas

Music composer, singer

KC Loy

Music Composer

Prashant Ingole

Lyricist, Filmmaker

Raju Singh

Music Director

Soumini Sridhara Paul

Senior Vice President

Hungama Artist Aloud

Somesh Mathur

Composer Ghazal and Classical Singer

Sulaiman Merchant

Music composer, music director

Shamir Tandon

Music Composer

Tapas Relia

Music Composer

Uday Ninjoor

Music Director

Vasundhara Das

Composer, Singer

Advisory Board members

Aashish Rego

Hon. General Secretary, Music Composers Association of India

Atul Churamani

Managing Director

Turnkey Music & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Gautam Sinha

Chief Executive Officer

Times Internet and Gaana

Manish Gohel

Head of Operations


Rakesh Nigam



Soumini Sridhara Paul

Senior Vice President

Hungama Artist Aloud

Heena Kriplani

Head of Tunecore, India

Raju Singh

Music Director

Rules & Regulations

  • Each entry must be in Hindi or English language only.
  • All Indian musical organizations, communities, artists i.e. entities with a registered address in India, or persons with Indian nationality.
  • The objective is to recognize only original music. All efforts will be made to ensure copied music is removed from the songs eligible for participation. However, information on the same is subjective, and 100% accurate identification of such songs cannot be guaranteed.
  • Each entry must have aired between 1st January 2020 to 31st May, 2021.
  • Entries may be submitted by the Artists, Platform or the Producer.
  • There should be one authorized person for all the entries submitted.

The Clef Music Awards entry process:

  • The entry submission process for Clef Music Awards 2021 is completely online.
  • Entry submission should be filled in ENGLISH only.
  • Duplication of entries by the Label / Artist will not be allowed. The Label / Artist should mutually decide and appoint one representative between the two parties for sending entries.If separate entries are received for the same Music / album from the Artist and Label, it willbe treated as ONE entry.
  • Please be sure to provide absolutely clear and correct information in the forms as the same would be used on the show packaging and in any sort of promotions.
  • An entry that does not adhere to all competition rules as outlined will be disqualified.
  • Entrants will not be notified of disqualification, nor will entry fees be refunded.
  • Entries once submitted, cannot be withdrawn or edited.
  • Last date to submit entries by 22nd June'21

How to fill the entry?

  • Click here to create login ID and password to register.
  • The registration will be complete post verification by team. The login ID and password created will be activated and notified to applicant via e-mail confirmation.
  • Once the Login ID and Password is activated, the applicant can login and select the desired categories and proceed to fill the entries. The entire submission process is online.
  • To submit the entry:

  • Click on Login and enter your User ID and Password.
  • Select the desired categories.
  • Click on the "Next" Button.
  • List of all the categories selected will appear. In case you want to put multiple entries in the same category, click on the "Add More" button.
  • Click on the category and fill in prescribed contents of the form and attach the supporting material.
  • Add video embedded link of the entry. You can upload your video/audio links on YouTube and Sound Cloud. Make sure the video links are public and only embedded links are uploaded in the entry form.Do not upload links of other streaming platforms.
  • Form should be submitted in English only.

Account registration:

  • Complete the registration process and wait for account activation. Once your account is activated click on login button to fill entries.
  • Entry Submission.
  • Once you logged in you will see entry details Page.
  • Kindly select categories (maximum 5) for the entries. Once you have selected categories click on Next button.
  • Now you will see forms for entries submission.
  • Once you have fill data click on Next button to proceed ahead. If you have fill data properly you will see thank you message. Click on home button to go back to your dashboard.
  • If you want to submit more entries click on make a new entry button and follow the same process to submit entires.
  • For sending an entry of a new song from a same/new category a fresh form has to be filled

The payment process is completely online and last date for payment is 22nd June 2021.

Failure to make payments by the said date will result in disqualification.

Mode of Payment:Net Banking - NEFT / RTGS / Net Banking / Gpay / PhonePe

Efforts will be made to adhere to the defined timelines. However, the defined timelines are subject to change based on circumstances.

  • Jury reserves the right to re-categorize any song or nominee which in their view is incorrectly categorized based on the information filled on the Music entries
  • Jury has the right to increase or reduce the number of Nominees in any award category
  • The Jury may decide, in order to maintain high standards of these awards, that there could be no winner in a particular category.
  • The determination of who should receive an award for any award category rests with the Grand Jury.
  • Please make your submission concise but provide enough relevant background information to enable the judges to make an informed choice.
  • Copied music will not be considered. If at any time it is brought to the notice of Awards management / jury that a particular song is not original, the same will be investigated and the Jury will determine the appropriate course of action at its discretion. If so determined, nomination may be cancelled, or Winner may need to return certificate and / or trophy.
  • Jury has the right to include, exclude or re-classify any song from any award category.

  • The number and type of award categories that could be opened to public voting can be modified and changed at the discretion of the Grand Jury and Awards Management.
  • Public can vote on the nominees announced for the above categories through SMS and / or internet, as facility made available by the Awards Management.
  • A cap of maximum votes per mobile number and per IP address will be applicable and will be decided internally by the Awards Management.
  • Last date for public voting will be announced subsequently by the Awards Management.

  • The Jury's decision on all aspects related to the short listing and winner determination process is final and binding on all Participants.
  • Decision of Awards Management on all other matters is final and binding on all Participants, Nominees and Finalists, and no correspondence will be entertained on the same.
  • Participation in the Awards will be construed as an acceptance to the Rules and Regulations stated herein.
  • Participants understand and agree that mere participation in the Awards does not entitle Participants to win a prize.
  • Nominated persons could be contacted to provide further information for the final round.
  • Participants, Nominees and winners permit free of cost the use of their name, content and factual information about their participation in the public media (for the build-up to the Awards, during the Awards ceremony and after the Awards ceremony) and do not have any right to any revenues earned through intellectual property rights generated by the Awards, if any.
  • All entries are safeguarded by RNM Clef Music Awards organized by Indian Television Dot Com Pvt Ltd.
  • By submitting the entries, the entrants are authorizing Indian Television Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. and RNM Clef Music Awards to use the content of the entries in any format whether broadcast TV (satellite. terrestrial or DTH or pay TV or PTA) or cable TV or film or radio or in print or mobile or podcast or the Internet or DVD or VCD or HD formats for the purpose of propagating and promoting RNM Clef Music Awards for perpetuity for the general or specific public.
  • Categorization of songs will be approved by the award management who retains the right to re-categorize an entry into a particular award category based on the assessment genre of music by award management or jury.
  • Incomplete Application Forms received in any manner will disqualify the applicant from participating in the Awards.
  • Entries will be accepted in English language only.
  • If during the course of the Awards, it is discovered that an entry/winner has a dispute registered/pending against it before a court of law, the Awards Management reserves the right to declare an entry/winner ineligible and/or withhold any Award until the dispute is resolved.
  • Last day for entry submissions and payment is 22nd June 2021
  • Awards Management and its sub-contractors shall not be held accountable / liable for any disruptions / stoppages / interruptions or cancellation of the Awards or its ceremony or any part of its processes or public voting on account of any factors beyond its control.


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