| 13 Apr 2024
Noel Keymer's favourite jocks

RJ turned voice trainer and author Noel Keymer picks three of his favourite radio jockeys from the year gone by.

Jeeturaaj: Radio Mirchi

If there's one reason that listeners tune into Radio Mirchi every morning at 7 am to 11 am, it's definitely because of Jeeturaaj.

This RJ has carved out a rich niche of listeners for Radio Mirchi and has become an icon on radio. His indefatigable energy, (he runs!) his presentation style, his cockiness, his sense of humour, his patience, (he was very patient with me while recording my interview in Hindi!) while he himself speaks innumerable languages… fluently, which all together contribute to a very rich pot pourri of a programme.

Added to this is the aura of mystery... surrounding him  I have heard people swear Jeturaaj is anywhere from 16 -60 years old, that he is blind, which is why he's never seen without his trade mark sunglasses, and never ever lets anyone photograph him!

One of the main plus points of this man is his ability to chat up and make comfortable any listener, irrespective of age or language, which I feel make him win the last RAPA Award for best male RJ.

Jeeturaaj was recently the chief guest at the launch of my book on radio jockeying, called, Everything You Wanted to Know About Radio Jockeying… But Didn't Know Whom to Ask.... All you Jeeturaaj fans out there, please go ahead and check and check out the pics.

Jaggu & Tarana: Radio One

If Jeeturaaj is not really your idea of an early morning... cup of tea, then an alternative I would suggest you tune into is Jaggu & Tarana's' early morning (7 am) show called Mumbai Fatafat... where you are served a verbal bhel puri... of what's happening  in this bustling metropolis, and is a hot favourite of a plethora of Mumbaikars aged between 18 -30.

Their show is what I would call a Yin & Yang... or a Sweet, Sour & Hot... show, which I think is apt, because Jaggu is a  certified foodie (as pics of him verify) while Tarana is always on his case to lose weight and to get fit, and together I feel they create a wonderful, wacky, wicked, verbal Jugalbandi....

One of the main USPs of their shows, Jaggu told me, is that it is not previously scripted, but is a take of by the RJs themselves, as they share a brilliant chemistry.

And although I haven't personally met these two RJs and do not really get the time to listen to their show regularly, I do enjoy reading their daily column in Mid – Day, which incidentally is also written by them.

At the last RAPA 2007 Awards, Tarana won the award for the Best Female RJ – Hindi....

And oh yes, one of Jaggu's favourite pick up lines, HELLO DOLLY... shouted loudly!

Anuraag Pandey: Red FM

I first bumped into Anuraag Pandey when I joined 107.1 FM Rainbow in 1999 and where he had been hosting Hindi shows since 1990.

But our friendship was short lived as in 2000 he left and joined Channel 4 in Dubai. 2002 saw him back and making waves as an RJ at WIN 94.6. Sadly, WIN shut down and Anuraag shifted to RED Fm where you can catch him on his show Anuraag Ke Raag... weekdays between 11-2 pm.

Anuraag's forte is Bollywood, where he claims his close rapport with all leading film and TV stars gives him an edge over other RJs covering the same strip.

Anuraag also believes that the eight years he has spent on the stage doing theatre, has helped him hone his vocal skills, which is one of his main USPs which  helps him relate better with his target audience, women between the ages of 15 -50.

This man really loves and believes in Radio and has won one RAPA as well as 21 other radio related awards in his long and prestigious radio career. All we can say is; Stay radio active... my friend!

Noel Keymer is a former AIR RJ and a author of 'Everything You Wanted To Know About Radio Jockeying... But Didnt Know Whom to Ask'