| 31 May 2023
CEO Prashan Agarwal reveals plans of for 2019

MUMBAI: CEO Prashan Agarwal, who had earlier said that their team understands the music consumption habits of Indian users, has revealed plans of one of the biggest online music streaming apps in the country.

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 2018 saw a humongous growth in regional music for Gaana and the app plans to cash on this space in 2019 also. Speaking about their goals for 2019, Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal said, “In 2018, regional music has been big for us and we have grown by more than 100 per cent. So, our regional music will get even stronger in terms of we are going deeper into tier two and tier four and bringing a lot of regional music, exclusively, on the platform.”

Further speaking Agarwal told, “Secondly, in terms of non-film perspective, we will be investing a lot of energy in terms of non-film music because if you look at Hindi music, most of it comes from that. The Season 2 of our beat, Gaana Originals has already garnered 100 million streams.”

When it comes to other content, Gaana will be focussing on, Prashan Agarwal revealed, “We have a series of audio specific programs, which we call Gaana Specials, which is similar to what we do with Ashish Vidyarthi in a series called Kahaanibaaz. We had done something with Ashaji also at some point of time. So, these are mostly in the genre of storytelling kind of audio specific podcast. There is also a huge focus on comedy because we are seeing comedy as a verbal audio and we are thus looking forward to invest in it. We are looking at things, which are mostly audio centric. Lastly, music related shows, which are shows based on top songs, different kind of music, singers, Bollywood movie reviews etc., which would essentially be the third leg of Gaana.”

Voice Search and introduction of lyrics were the striking features, Gaana had earlier introduced to enhance the user experience on one of the top apps in the country.

Prashan also told how Gaana’s user base has grown in 2018 and aim to attract more subscribers in 2019.

“Currently about 60 per cent users are subscribers and we think this number will grow by about 25 per cent next year. From users’ standpoint, our aim is to hit 100 million consumers and thus get 200-250 million users in two years,” Agarwal concluded.

Gaana is one of the most preferred online music streaming apps in the country, which is on the fingertips of every Smartphone user. The apps latest up-gradation of features and critically acclaimed ad has been the talk of the town towards the end of 2018. And with the plans revealed by the CEO himself, we have much in the store for in 2019.